Ambassador Degert said "SAN is the culmination of a long process with the Haitian State

Haiti News Social: Official Launch of the Food and Nutrition Security Program

Tuesday at the Montana Hotel Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant jointly with the Ambassador of the European Union Vincent Degert, proceeded to the official launch of the Food and Nutrition Security Program (SAN) funded by the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) and the special solidarity action.

This four-year program is composed of the multi-sectoral SAN Program (40 million Euros, financed) and the Pro Resilience Program (10 million Euros) for the regions of North West, Upper Artibonite and Grande-Anse and aims to sustainably improve the food and nutrition security of the most vulnerable populations, while building their capacity to withstand and overcome shocks and crises.

In his opening speech Prime Minister Ceant said "I reiterate once again the commitment made by the Republic to allow all his daughters and sons to eat their fill. As part of the UN concert in 2015, it was agreed to eliminate poverty in all its forms and around the world by 2030. The country holds many resources and potentialities that its daughters and sons must highlight to achieve this goal.

The indicators on food insecurity and malnutrition show that the situation is alarming. Successive shocks we face make the task even more complex. The Government is aware of the enormous challenge it faces in order to eradicate hunger, ensure food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. It is possible to do this with collaboration and continuity in the actions of the State.

Ambassador Degert said "SAN is the culmination of a long process with the Haitian State to address food and nutrition security issues in Haiti. In a very concrete way, this program aims to improve the quality of basic services to the population of the regions concerned, to strengthen their livelihoods by supporting the development of local agricultural sectors, family farming, social safety nets, improvement of health services, prevention of malnutrition and nutrition education. The coherence of the action is based on improving access to food by supporting local production and marketing efforts."

Recall that in Haiti, food insecurity affects about 30% of the rural population which represents a tragedy in the present as well as in the future. 275,000 children, or 22% of the under-5 population, are chronically malnourished, causing delays in their growth that will have consequences when they reach adulthood for the country's sustainable development.