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Travel Care Plans

Haiti Travel Care supports the vision to focuses on improving the human development index and that will help unlocks access to affordable, high-quality and economically sustainable care and wellness in ways never before imagined in Haiti. 

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Santé Nou Takes an Innovative Approach on Delivering Healthcare

Santé Nou
A New Way Of Bringing You Health Care

The Santé Nou service brings peace of mind to the Emergency Care Subscriber when faced with unforeseen medical emergencies during their travels to Haiti. The Primary Care Voucher extends primary care to persons residing in Haiti, that have been sponsored by a Main Subscriber.

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This is Haiti the most beautiful country in the world

Is Haiti

Haiti is full of beautiful beaches, beautiful waterfalls, and beautiful caves. The country also offers a beautiful tropical sun and beautiful mountain views. The soul of the Caribbean is alive in the brilliant works of Haitian artists and craftsmen. 

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Our mission

B. Notes

The artist-actor and songwriter known as B. Notes is foremost a businessman.

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Sandra Pierre

Tech queen Sandra Pierre is the entrepreneur behind the website Haitian Businesses

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Paul Clammer

When Paul Clammer was initially commissioned to write a Haiti edition

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