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President Jovenel Moise promises elections in 2021 and Haiti is holding its breath

Haiti at the time of paralyzing Uncertainty..

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So many projects, so many announcements, so many promises, but the country is swimming in certain and worrying uncertainty.

President Jovenel Moise promises elections in 2021 and Haiti is holding its breath. Nothing is certain because the opposition demands the departure of the head of state on February 7 of that same year and intends to do everything possible to achieve this. More than 15 days ago, the executive announced that 7 of the 9 members to compose the CEP were appointed, but even today, the council is at an impasse, which opens the way to uncertainty.

In recent days, the dollar has been losing altitude, the gourd has gained in value, which more than one claimed. And now that the greenback is falling, no one wants to believe it, rare are those who want to venture out and wonder if it's not the calm before the storm. Doubt persists on the capacity of the gourd to maintain its ascent. Economists are still trying to explain the reasons for this trend reversal while the BRH contemplates the fruits of its labor and prepares its next strategy.

Monday morning, Haiti was to wake up within stores, all products denominated in gourds; but a quick tour of some companies shows that 72 hours may not have been enough to make these changes. It was the Prime Minister, head of government himself, who met the private sector around this issue, but businessmen have their own concerns that the executive may not wish to consider for the moment. Would the state, therefore, have the necessary authority to impose this measure while the bosses highlight the fluctuation in particular to explain the complexity of the case? Still uncertain about the application of a provision that more than one welcome.

The future is uncertain… to say that in a country where the police decide to demonstrate in violence almost to demand "Security". On whom the ordinary citizen will be able to count you wonder some, perplexed? The police institution is divided, the unions multiply and oppose, while the bandits unite. Meanwhile, the armed forces that President Moise wishes to mobilize in the fight against banditry have only 400 men.

In the land of uncertainty, we grope, we improvise, we attack. For citizens, each new day is a victory because tomorrow is not certain...



Source: https://www.metropolehaiti.com/metropole/full_une_fr.php?id=33840


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