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Haiti news: Moïse denounces destabilizing oligarchs

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The Haitian head of state, Mr. Jovenel Moïse, denounces the involvement of several oligarchs in destabilization movements. He explains that certain decisions in the sectors of energy, finance and gang violence aim to undermine the efforts of his administration to improve the living conditions of the population.

During several public interventions over the past weekend, President Moïse denounced entrepreneurs, authors of speculations aimed at provoking exponential increases in the exchange rate of the gourd. Mr. Moïse does not take offense and explains that the speculations aim at the end of the chain to provoke a revolt of the population. If you try to overthrow the government we overthrow you, threatened the head of state.

Regarding energy, the president reveals that entrepreneurs have refused to sell electricity at 8 cents to the state. He now claims to have been able to negotiate this tariff with other foreign companies, which will allow the state to resell the energy for 15 cents.

These same oligarchs are denounced by President Moïse in the gang violence in the Artibonite. He claims that these people armed people from underprivileged strata so that they kill each other.

He urges citizens to work with law enforcement to restore a secure climate.

President Moïse announced the construction of a mega police station in the Pont Sondé area that can accommodate 100 police officers.


Source: metropolehaiti.



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