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he population of neighborhoods controlled by armed gangs endures an intolerable level of violence

gang violence: More than 152 people killed between January and June 2020

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The United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) expresses its deep concern at the resurgence of insecurity throughout the national territory and in particular in the marginalized working-class neighborhoods of the metropolitan area, where clashes between armed gangs have occurred. recently caused a significant loss of life.

The population of neighborhoods controlled by armed gangs endures an intolerable level of violence: between January and June 2020, BINUH documented that at least 159 people were killed and 92 others injured - including children, as a result of the violent gang-related.

In a statement, the BINUH recalls that these violations could constitute international crimes under human rights law and also constitute crimes under Haitian criminal law. Those responsible must be arrested and prosecuted, and the State, through its institutions, must take effective measures to protect the inalienable right to life of all citizens and put an end to impunity and repetitive cycles of violence. violence in Haiti.

Therefore, we once again encourage the Haitian authorities to prosecute the alleged perpetrators of crimes, abuses or violations of human rights, and to execute the judicial documents issued, including the arrest warrant issued. against several gang leaders, in particular Jimmy Cherizier, alias “Barbecue”, targeted by a warrant issued in February 2019 for his alleged involvement in the Grande Ravine attacks in November 2017. He is also believed to be involved in other incidents murderers, including that of La Saline in November 2018 and Bel Air in November 2019 and more recently in the incidents of Pont Rouge and Cité Soleil.

We would also like to remind the Government of the importance of providing the National Police of Haiti (PNH) and the National Commission for Disarmament, Dismantling, and Reintegration (CNDDR) with adequate financial and logistical means, as part of a transparent market process. public, to properly fulfill their respective missions and we encourage international partners to continue their support to these key institutions for the rule of law in Haiti.

As part of the execution of its mandate, BINUH reaffirms its commitment to state partners and civil society to prevent and respond to this violence, including by supporting national authorities in strengthening the capacity of the PNH and judicial institutions, as well as in the implementation of community violence reduction programs, led by the Haitian authorities, in particular, the PNH and the CNDDR.


Source: Tele Metropole


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