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While he has already spent more than three and a half years in power,

Jovenel Moise announces the organization of elections for 2021

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While the President of the Republic struggles to convince the nine key sectors of society to appoint representatives to the Provisional Electoral Council, he announces for 2021 the organization of the next elections to renew the political staff. Jovenel Moïse, who presented the 5th issue of ‘’ Community Dialogue ’’ at the National Palace on Sunday, called on the population to take their destiny in hand during these electoral competitions ...

No matter what, "there will be elections in the country in 2021", announced the President of the Republic on Sunday, August 9. Jovenel Moïse asked the population to differentiate between those who build and those who destroy during these electoral contests. “Today your fate is in your hands. You will choose who you want as leaders. Your choice will determine your future ... ", argued the head of state.

While he has already spent more than three and a half years in power, Jovenel Moïse continues to blame the country's current situation on a small group of people who, according to him, monopolize all of Haiti's wealth. “What is happening to the country today is not possible. Some five to six people decide it is Haiti Thomas on their own, ”the head of state said.

To those who think that the solution to the political crisis passes through the resignation of Jovenel Moïse and the formation of a transitional government, once again the president let them know that "power is given by the people and the only way to have it is to go to the elections… ”.

“Pa gen pas kout ankò, eleksyon pral vini, yon nèg se fè kanpay and may the best win,” Jovenel Moïse said.

The tenant of the National Palace in his intervention on the resurgence of insecurity in the country said that the government is currently preparing for the next elections and that a climate of security must be restored to this end. "The police must be equipped throughout the territory to be able to secure the next elections in order to have very good participation of the population," said Jovenel Moïse.

Because he runs the country practically alone, without the parliament which is a controlling power, Mr. Moïse is aware that he is accused of wanting to establish a dictatorship in the country. “The last name I get is that I am an apprentice dictator. There is no problem. But when the law does apply, she has no friends, ”the head of state retorted. "The people gave me the power to defend their interests," said the president, stressing that this is what he intends to do through the slogan "Ti rès la pou pèp la".

At the same time, opposition parties and political groups are forming alliances in an attempt to block the way for the President of the Republic in his desire to change the Constitution and organize elections. Several sectors have already indicated that they do not intend to appoint a representative to the Provisional Electoral Council because, according to them, the conditions are not met for the holding of elections in the country.

The opposition has announced the resumption of protest movements across the country to force Jovenel Moïse out of power no later than February 7, 2021.


Source: Lenouvelisste


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