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in the blackout. "We understand, we understand clearly, we are saved adults," he said.

Jovenel Moise keeps his current promise 24 hours a day and denounces a boycott of Ed’H

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Since the government took control of the Sogener last year, the Ed’H has found it very difficult to power the metropolitan area. In recent weeks, the situation has totally deteriorated. The city has been plunged into the darkness for days on end in some neighborhoods. The President of the Republic, in his speech on May 1 on the occasion of the Feast of Agriculture and Labor, denounced a boycott of the Ed'H and reiterated his promise to provide electricity 24 hours a day on the whole territory. This time, Jovenel Moïse refrained from giving a date for the materialization of his promise. The 24-month deadline he had been granted had expired for ... months.

Without elaborating, President Jovenel Moïse praised the decision of the Minister of Public Works to put more control in the distribution of electricity in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area. For the head of state, it is not normal that areas of the metropolitan area do not have electricity for five to six days.

According to Jovenel Moïse, with the 75 megawatts currently available, the Ed’H should be able to power all 45 circuits with a minimum of electricity. Since this has not been done, the president is talking about a boycott of Haiti’s Electricity. For the tenant of the National Palace, there are people who have sworn to see the country sunk forever

in the blackout. "We understand, we understand clearly, we are saved adults," he said.

Again, the president said it is the system that prevents the country from having electricity. “When you build your wealth by destroying a majority, it’s not wealth. You are a corrupt oligarchy…, ”Jovenel Moïse denounced, addressing a group of people without quoting them.

Three years later, Jovenel Moïse continues to announce a change in the country’s energy matrix to move from electricity production to oil products to natural gas for good. For him, the benefits of reform in the energy sector will not be known in the short term. The president compared reforms in the energy sector as in the delivery of a pregnant woman. “There is always a pain in childbirth, just as there will be a pain in reforms in the energy sector because bad habits have a hard life,” the president said.

Citing a World Bank document, the head of state said the country has the capacity to produce about 4,000 megawatts of wind power from floating facilities, that is, facilities on wind farms. the sea. "In 10 years, if we start now, we can definitely go out in petroleum products to produce electricity to go one hundred percent to renewable energy," said Jovenel Moïse, noting that between 600 and 700 megawatts were needed to power the entire territory.

The president refrained from saying why lawmakers did not vote before the end of their term on the $ 150 million loan agreement with Taiwan to strengthen the country's electricity grid. “As the responsible head of state, there are things I can’t say. But I can tell you that a lot of people were given money to prevent the vote for the $ 150 million deal, ”Jovenel Moïse denounced. It should be noted that the President had a majority in both branches of Parliament.

According to the head of state, today no one can stop the disbursement of that $ 150 million. "These funds will allow the reconstruction of the electricity network in the metropolitan area," said Jovenel Moïse. He says he is more determined than ever to provide electricity throughout the territory.

Between the announcement of the agreement with Taiwan and today, two ambassadors representing Taipei have left Port-au-Prince and currently Haiti's partner in the electricity project is represented by a businessman after a scuffle between President Moses and the last ambassador in office.


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