The book push comes as the scrutinizing time of the prosecution preliminary starts.

Trump impeachment: Donald Trump pushes back on Bolton

The National Security Council said the book had "top mystery" subtleties that must be expelled, a case Mr. Bolton rejects.

An original copy of the book supposedly asserts that President Donald Trump connected freezing military guide to Ukraine in return for a political kindness.

The book push comes as the scrutinizing time of the prosecution preliminary starts.

On Friday, congresspersons will hold a key decision on whether to permit observers in the preliminary. Democrats are requesting Mr. Bolton to affirm in the wake of these cases, and a few Republicans have additionally recommended they might want to get notification from the previous consultant.

President Donald Trump has denied every one of the claims against him.

What did the White House say?

National Security Council (NSC) ranking executive Ellen Knight said in a letter to Mr. Bolton's lawyer that following a primer audit, the "original copy seems to contain huge measures of characterized data".

"It additionally creates the impression that a portion of this characterized data is at the top-mystery level," Ms. Knight composed. She proceeded to caution that the "original copy may not be distributed or in any case revealed without the erasure of this characterized data".

A senior White House official said on Wednesday that the letter was not a "threat" to the former national security adviser. But President Trump's defense in his impeachment trial has been imperiled by the reported revelations in the book.

The manuscript is said to contain an account of the president directly telling Mr. Bolton that he would withhold US military aid to Ukraine to pressure Ukraine to help him win the 2020 US election.