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About Haitian Hollywood - Haitianhollywood.com

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Haitian Hollywood is the fastest-growing Haitian Entertainments Website on the Internet.


Haitian Hollywood strive to inspire our visitors with every visit to our site so that our site is a happy place for people around the world to learn about our Haitian cultures, Haitian arts, Haitian entertainments, Haiti tourism, the beauty of Haiti, and Haitian celebrities around the world


The company is at the formation stage at the present time. All costs associated with bringing the site live and thus incepting the business have been calculated and considered fully to ensure the viability of the project. The necessary knowledge and experience are present in the company to oversee the startup and ongoing operation of the services it offers, ensuring that the idea and the business are manageable by the owner at all times.

The company believes in and holds the vision to provide a place where Haitians in the entertainment business can create, promote and distribute their works throughout the world by creating impactful and sustainable efforts to promote the natural beauty of Haiti through social networks, Haitian Hollywood, and our TV streaming network, helping contribute to the development of Haiti's tourism and economy. Other goals include being able to empower the Haitian community to represent their culture and country by educating them about Haiti’s history and culture and help young Haitian actors, singers, dancers, musicians, comedians, and artists realize their dream. The company can do this by arranging access to existing resources by providing quality studio production services.

HaitianHollywood.com seamlessly blends entertainment news including showtimes, tickets, reviews, trailers, entertainment and Haitian celebrity headlines with in-depth movie details and information on your favorite celebs—including full filmography and biographies—using the most accurate and comprehensive database available. Haitian Hollywood promotes Haiti, tourism, Haiti's natural beauty, Arts, and Cultures.  Plus, HaitianHollywood.com offers fan sites, forums, blogging and photo galleries, contests, chat room, local event listings and much more. HaitianHollywood.com Live Television, an interactive live internet channel, will offer live shows to viewers, and video-on-demand (VOD) content, including information on the latest movie releases along with up-to-date movie showtimes for local theaters, Latest  Haitian music, Haitian Cultures, Haiti Tourism, Arts, Haitian Sport, etc. Viewers will have the option select from a variety of video features, from current movie trailers to movie premiere coverage, celebrity interviews and more. HaitianHollywood.com live tv will provide its audience with high-quality digital audio and full-screen video as well as the ability to access the content instantly, 24 hours a day. HaitianHollywood.com website is aiming to reach Haitian world Wide.


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