HaitianHollywood.com seamlessly blends entertainment news including showtimes, tickets, reviews, trailers, entertainment

Sponsor/advertise with Haitianhollywood

Sponsor/advertise  with Haitianhollywood.

HaitianHollywood.com seamlessly blends entertainment news including showtimes, tickets, reviews, trailers, entertainment and Haitian celebrity headlines with in-depth movie details and info on your favorite celebs—including full filmography and biographies—using the most accurate and comprehensive database available. Plus, HaitianHollywood.com will offers fan sites, forums, blogging and photo galleries, contests, chat room, local event listings and much more.

HaitianHollywood.com Live Television, an interactive live internet channel, offers television viewers video-on-demand (VOD) content, including information on the latest movie releases along with up-to-date movie showtimes for local theaters. Viewers may select from a variety of video features, from current movie trailers to movie premiere coverage, celebrity interviews and more. HaitianHollywood.com Live tv provides its audience with high-quality digital audio and full-screen video as well as the ability to access this content instantly, 24 hours a day. HaitianHollywood.com website is aiming to reaches over 3.5 million users every day in the world.

Haitianhollywood monthly reach

Haitianhollywood monthly audience


Website Traffic Estimate 03/08/2016

Source: worthofweb
Estimated visits per day:
7,806 visits / day
Estimated visits per month:
234,180 visits / month
Estimated visits per year:
2,810,160 visits / year
Estimated pageviews per day:
38,901 pageviews / day
Estimated pageviews per month:
1,167,030 pageviews / month
Estimated pageviews per year:
14,004,360 pageviews / year

We want to grow. Here’s how you can help.

Now, we’re hoping some of you will consider making a financial contribution. To continue to grow Haitian Hollywood, we will need resources. Please consider supporting our ideas financially by becoming a paying subscriber at a modest level (or, if the spirit moves you, at an immodest level — we’ll take that, too!).

How will we use the money?

  • Operating expenses, such as hosting charges and Search Engine Marketing, Social Marketing, and promoting the site.
  • Hiring other writers as contributors for the site
  • Conducting more in-depth interviews, taking photos/videos, recording live shows, and investigations, for which we may have to travel
  • Building a proper retraction database
  • Open an Office where you can come and talk to us about ideas, investing, promoting, or use some of our services.
  • Build a live TV Studio for Haitian Hollywood
  • Buy video Equipments, Cameras, Green Screen, Lights, Software,  TVs, ect.

Sponsor Benefits
By becoming a Sponsor with Haitian Hollywood, you will receive tremendous buzz, exposure, and goodwill, we have a unique opportunity to create enormous amounts of awareness to multiple Haitian demographics ranging from teenagers, young
adults, and adults aged between 13-65 years old. All of which will receive equal exposure to your products and services. (The relationships we create for you as a Sponsor with the Haitian around the world alone are priceless). Here’s a high-level snapshot of the benefits we would deliver to you as a Sponsor.

Brand/logo on web materials: Including TV Shows, 15sc commercials on video players, sponsor page, social network pages and blog (seen by even those who don‘t visit the site)
Inclusion in media releases
Introductions to celebrities (‘talent’)
Brand/logo live link to your website
Brand/logo on other materials when created:
mugs, shirts, pens, etc. (Input/ideas welcome)
Perimeter signage: full, partial or non-telecast view
Option to continue on with sponsorship when the Haitian Hollywood TV show hits the air.
Display opportunities (250x250 banner in site home page)
Opportunity to provide prizes for promotional
Opportunity to reach more Haitian around the world
Commercials on the TV show itself when launch

NOTE: These are just initial ideas, and we are open to working with you to create an even more
customized benefits package for you that ties in directly with your current promotions.


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