The Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies then put at the disposal of the deputies "accusers"

Haiti News FLASH: Motion to impeach President Moses is rejected

Pm, with several hours of delay, the session of impeachment of President Jovenel Moise, after 2 put in continuity (August 7 last) finally opened with 64 deputies present at the roll call. Faced with confusion in the room because of the small number of Deputies, House Speaker Gary Bodeau announced a 30-minute suspension.

More than an hour later, the meeting resumed, Opposition Deputy (PHTK) A. Rodon Bien-Aimé, asked the President to verify the quorum before continuing the meeting. At the request of the President of the session, Deputy Gladice St-Jean checked the quorum and announced 83 deputies in the room.

The Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies then put at the disposal of the deputies "accusers" all the documents requested at the first meeting in relation to the request for the indictment of President Jovenel Moïse.

After an intervention by the Deputy of Cabaret, Joseph Manes Louis, a suspension of the session of 15 minutes was granted to the deputies "accusers" so that they can consult the documents transmitted by the office.

Vikerson Garnier (LAVALAS), the elected representative of the Circumscription of Thiotte, made an inventory of the documents. According to his report, only 21% of the requested documents were delivered on the 33 documents requested in their correspondence of July 8th.

"They are deceivers. They simply want to damage the reputation of the President of the Republic," said Deputy Claude Lesly Pierre on the platform, by speaking of the deputies "accusers".

By the voice of Signal Bertrand (LAVALAS), the deputies "accusers" reiterated their request for authentication of the minutes (one of the required documents) of the meeting of July 14, 2018, by President Bodeau, before reading of the indictment.

Speaking to his colleagues, Ronald Etienne, Deputy for Pestel, asks them to make a truce "we have a country to build, and we are wasting too much time".

Early in the night of Thursday, discussions around a proposal presented by the elected of Léogâne, Wilson Hyppolite and supported by 71 members of the majority, asking President Gary Bodeau to consult the Assembly by a vote on the property-based of the approach concerning the request of the indictment.

"The proposal of the majority is rejected and considered inadmissible," said President Gary Bodeau.

Finally at around 2 am was read the act of impeachment by the first Secretary, Gladice St. Jean provoking the anger of the initiators of this request who believe that the reading can not take place before the analysis of the documents given during this session.

Despite their protests, nothing is done and the indictment is finally read by the bureau and the debate is open. The first intervention was given to the deputy Jacob Latortue (AAA) of Gonaïves. "Escape your personal interests... put yourself today in the shoes of the Haitian people who suffer. I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, to vote in favor of the impeachment request," concluded Jacob Latortue.

At the end of the debate, the request for the indictment of the President of the Republic, Jovenel Moïse was submitted to the vote of deputies still present in the room was rejected : 3 deputies for, 53 cons, 5 abstentions.