Caribbean Arts Market" dedicated to the development of regional cultural and creative industries

Haiti News Carifesta XIV: Haiti shines proudly in all categories

 The Carifesta XIV Festival ends Sunday, August 25, 2019, in Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti shines proudly in the categories represented (dance, music, fashion, visual arts, crafts, gastronomy).

A "Caribbean Arts Market" dedicated to the development of regional cultural and creative industries, is at the heart of the Festival. The organizers and participants attach great importance to this commercial space where artisans, designers, and gastronomy meet and where the majority of cultural events take place every day from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm The various stands of our Haitian artisans and designers are well stocked and our kitchen remains the most popular at this Festival.

In addition to the various initiatives aimed at facilitating cultural exchanges, the organizers have introduced this year "CARIFESTA green", where conservation and environmental preservation feature prominently. To this end, a "Green Day" is planned Friday, August 23 at the "Grand Market of Port of Spain" and Saturday, August 24 at the SAPA San Fernando to raise awareness among artists to engage in the promotion for the protection of the environment.

While renewing its commitment to maintaining its mission, Jean Michel Lapin, the Ministry of Culture congratulates the artists, musicians, designers, craftsmen, musical groups and all Haitian cultural actors present at CARIFESTA XIV who, through their performance and talents, make our two-color shine high and project a positive image of Haiti.