Recall that in 2015, the PNH reported about 250,000 illegal weapons in circulation in Haiti

Haiti News FLASH: Michel-Ange Gedeon denounces «the great manitous» who provide weapons...

Thursday, at the police academy on the road of Freres, in the presence of Helen Meagher La Lime Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Haiti and the American Ambassador Michèle Sison, the Director General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) Michel-Ange Gedeon and his counterpart of the Minujusth Serge Theriault accompanied by several members of the PNH staff witnessed the destruction of more than 370 firearms seized during operations conducted since July 2017

In his speech, Michel-Ange Gedéon declared "[...] It's not the ugly ducklings that hold the weapons that concern me, but rather the big, unconscious manitous who make them come and those who distribute them on the territory. I say to them that weapons dropped in the wild in defiance of a wounded country may be returned against anyone, anytime. We must always fear what is called in social psychology the boomerang effect or better yet the theory of immanent justice. By the way hello [...]"

Gédéon recalled that over the last 2 years more than 1,200 firearms seized have been destroyed, while recognizing that it is a small part of the outstanding weapons.

Recall that in 2015, the PNH reported about 250,000 illegal weapons in circulation in Haiti, an estimate that did not decline 4 years later, "the figures seem to be significantly higher," said Gédéon, who declined to provide an updated estimate of the number of weapons in circulation in the country.


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