said an official of the Department of Homeland Security

Haiti News Social: More than 180 illegal Haitians arrested in a week in Texas

From 11 to 17 June, over 180 Haitians in irregular migration situations were arrested by US Border Protection Officers (CBP) at the Del Rio border station on the southern border of Texas and Mexico.

A number well above the 17 Haitians apprehended in the same sector since 1 October 2018, said an official of the Department of Homeland Security, who explained that this significant increase, coincided with the collapse of the Haitian economy and the demonstrations violent anti-government daily in Haiti...

"Del Rio sector agents have apprehended more than 36,000 illegal immigrants this year from 44 countries other than Mexico, more than double the total number of arrests made in the previous fiscal year," said Raul L. Ortizl, Chief of Sector of Del Rio.

Sante Nou se yon nouvo fason pou pote swen sante an Ayiti

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