The ONA-Fanm microfinance program for women merchants who do not have easy access to credit,

Haiti News Politic: ONA prepares to launch large projects

Chesnel Pierre, the Director General of the National Office of Old Age Insurance (ONA) announced that his institution was preparing to launch large projects in December 2018 and 2019.

The ONA-Fanm microfinance program for women merchants who do not have easy access to credit, will allow throughout the month of December to nearly 5,000 beneficiaries from associations of entrepreneurs in the department to obtain loans at the rate of 1%.

The ONA-Diaspora program will allow former ONA insureds who have had to leave the country to continue paying their contributions. Anyone living in the diaspora will be able to join the ONA, pay their dues online and possibly benefit from loans to make investment projects in the country.

ONA plans to recruit 1,000 graduating students every three months (10,000 gourdes per student). These students will conduct a census of companies not yet affiliated with the ONA and others will identify persons over the age of 70 (as part of the Universal Security).

In 2019, ONA will launch a new ONA-Communities product aimed at bringing services and products closer to local authority employees. To this end, ONA intends to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Federation of Mayors of Haiti (FENAMH) and the Federation of CASEC. Chesnel Pierre explains that with this new program, the ONA wishes to reaffirm its commitment to access to the rights and privileges of insured persons to all agents of local communities, and strengthen its policy of accompanying these agents closer to their communes.

Also in 2019, as part of the modernization of the institution, full computerization of ONA data will be effective. In addition, the Draft Amendment to the Framework Law (obsolete) of ONA will be implemented so that it responds to new social realities.