The honest character of the games will be respected

Haiti Elections: ''The Money for the elections is there'' according Jocelerme Privert

"The money will not prevent the holding of elections. Funding sources have been identified." A statement from the president on Thursday during his speech at the inauguration of the 3rd Conference of Heads of Diplomatic Mission in Haiti.

Jocelerme Privert that was the state of the nation to the attention of Haitian diplomats spoke of the unavoidable need for Haiti to have a new elected at the beginning of 2017.

The interim president also reiterated that the executive intends to support any candidate. "This is the best that has to win," insisted Jocelerme Privert.

The holding of this conference of heads of diplomatic mission to Haiti was ordered by President Privert itself. The opportunity for the head of state by exposing diplomats before the country's current situation. A crisis that must be resolved quickly. "We must bring stability necessary for economic and social development. For this it is imperative that these elections take place this year, "insisted Jocelerme Privert

As for other concerns of foreign countries and the Haitian political class, Jocelerme Privert wants to be clear. No way to hold elections for its political family as some fear. "The honest character of the games will be respected," he promised.