The President of the Republic has awarded the Argentine Ambassador with a Grand Cross Grade Silver plate

The President of the Republic of the National Order decorates the Grade of Grand Cross Silver plate of the Argentine Ambassador in Port-au-Prince, Mr. Marcelo Sebaste 

Port-au-Prince, Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014: The President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly, has awarded the National Order of the Grand Cross Grade Silver plate, this Wednesday, Oct. 15, at the National Palace, the 'Argentine Ambassador accredited to Port-au-Prince, Mr. Marcelo Sebaste. 

During a ceremony in the presence particularly the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Religious Affairs, Mr Duly Brutus, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Henry Robert Sterlin, and members of the Argentine diplomatic mission, the Chief State praised the work done by Mr. Sebaste in Haiti, particularly in the development of cooperation between the two republics. 

"These years have been particularly marked by the strengthening and tightening the bonds of friendship and cooperation which unite for very many years our two countries," noted the President of the Republic, who took the opportunity to commend the effectiveness of this cooperation in, among others, health, infrastructure and agriculture. 

Ambassador Marcelo Sebaste, for its part, did not hide his emotions on receipt of this noble distinction. "It's the greatest honor I have received in my professional career, 'Has he said, expressing his enthusiasm for the great progress made by the Haitian government, despite the enormous challenges facing Haiti. 

The President of the Republic took advantage of this opportunity to renew the friendship of the Haitian people to the President of the Republic of Argentina.