On condition of anonymity, a human rights organization leader told Nouvelliste

The dialogue is held without Jovenel Moise

"As I speak (note: Tuesday, October 8, 3:10 PM), we are in a meeting to present a single proposal for ending the crisis with political blocs and key sectors of civil society. Everyone is there ... ", told the Nouvelliste Senator Évallière Beauplan, member of the grouping of political parties Alternative Consensual.

The parliamentarian is aware that people often put forward the division that shakes the political class to show the inability of politicians to propose something viable. This unifying initiative aims to change perception. Before the end of this week, the general public will have more details on this initiative, said Senator Beauplan.

For his part, the former senator Jean William Jeanty of KONTRAPEP, a member of the grouping of political parties "Fowòm Patriyotik" confirmed to Nouvelliste that there are indeed meetings with the political actors of the opposition and other sectors of civil society with a view to reaching a common position. "In this phase, it is no longer a question of the document; it's about defining profiles who will occupy spaces and roadmaps that can reassure all sectors ... ", said the political leader.

On condition of anonymity, a human rights organization leader told Nouvelliste that this initiative comes from civil society organizations that have the task of facilitating a pooling of the proposals for ending the crisis of the great political groupings. "It will allow the handover of power. All political actors understand the need to come together to present the country with a common and credible position, "he told the newspaper.

Some personalities of the company will be called to play an important role in this handover, underlined our contact.

Another very influential contact in the private business sector told Nouvelliste that these are key sectors of civil society that will agree on a common position to ask the President of the Republic to draw the consequences of his failings. at the head of the country. "It's not just the Head of State, there is also the Parliament and the political opposition will be called to make sacrifices too," said our source well placed in the private business sector.

Our contact also stressed that, in the current situation of the country, nobody has won anything yet even if the opposition manages to make the country ungovernable for Jovenel Moses. "It's the country that is losing. We must find a solution resulting from a compromise where each party agrees to make sacrifices, but the first to do so is the President of the Republic, "he urged.

Before the end of this week, this common position of key sectors of civil society will be made public, said this member of the private business sector.