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Did you know? This was Haiti’s National Palace...

 [Above] This was Haiti’s National Palace during Michel Domingue’s term as president. It was actually a family home called Maison Bellegarde used by Haiti’s presidents while a new one was built. Image and Source Credit: Duke University, North Carolina #haiti #haitian #portauprince #haitihistory

Above: A bust of Alexandre Petion at a townsquare in a street in Colombia called Avenida Colombia. The bust is by the Colombian artist Cristian Oviedo. #haiti #haitian #portauprince #haitihistory

Above: A money bill from Venezuela conveying the link between Haiti and Venezuela. Leger quotes a letter, dated February 1816, in which Simon Bolivar requests permission to give him the title Liberator, Here are some portions Bolivar’s letter as reported by Leger in Haiti, Her History and Her Detractors: Bolivar to Petion: “In my proclamation to th

After 228 years as largely unsung contributors to American independence, Haitian soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War's bloody siege of Savannah now have a monument dedicated in their honor. In October 1779, a force of more than 500 Haitian free blacks joined American colonists and French troops in an unsuccessful push to drive the British

 Eve Arnold: Milltown, tranquillizer drug, was tested by American drug companies on her at this asylum, Haiti. 1954   #haiti #haitian #haitihistory

Jorge Biassou (1741-1801) arrived in St. Augustine in 1796, he was already a legend. He was the most fiery leader in the Haitian slave revolt against the French. He became a decorated Spanish general. He was Florida's only black caudillo (a militant political leader). He flaunted pagan religious practices, but was buried with full Catholic honors.

Tourist market of Les Cayes Thursday, Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin, the Minister of touristry and inventive Industries (MTCI) and Karine Condé, South division director of MTIC, among a delegation from the Economic and national assistance Fund (FAES), led by Mrs. Esther Antoine, advisor of the final board of directors of FAES and liable for external

Thursday, at a gathering conducted by Léopold Roumer, Director General of the National Agency of Civil Aviation (OFNAC), within the presence among others of Dithny Joan Raton, Director Southeast Ministry of touristry and inventive Industries and Christine Stephenson, Representative IBIDAA, a technical pre-analysis of the enlargement choices for Jac

Did you know? Trezo d'Haiti Coffee - At one point over 60% of the worlds coffee came from Haiti, now less that 1%. We are looking to change that buy offering jobs to farmers and help foster sustainability by offering this amazing coffee!!!! 

René Dépestre, Novelist, poet. 1926 - Dépestre has been called Haiti’s greatest poet, and at times the country’s greatest poets/novelists. Dépestre’s body of literary works has drawn much awe, and his works a great deal of different interpretations. 

Pieces of Haitian History you may not know about: Jean Price Mars was Born on October 15th 1876, He is a Haitian intellectual, scholar, anthropologist, writer, a Doctor in medicine, a diplomat who made history by becoming the youngest person to this very day, both in Haiti and in the world to officially have served as a diplomat; Jean Price Mars wa

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