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Did you know? The Haitian Guerrillas Who Fought in The Cuban Revolution Alongside Fidel Castro And Che Guevarra.

The Haitian Guerrillas Who Fought in The Cuban Revolution Alongside Fidel Castro And Che Guevarra. Author Bernard Sansaricq writer of the book Le Pouvoir de La Foi, reviews that no less than two troopers who battled nearby Cubans were from Haiti.    One of them was Adrien Sansaricq, the creator's first cousin. "Dr. Adrien Sansaricq was a

The Green Movement in Haiti: How Haiti’s Youths Are Taking Charge of The Environment to make it better You likely have caught wind of deforestation in Haiti. Then again maybe, every time you attempt to discover photographs of Haiti on the web, you quite often unearth photographs of heaps of waste, or a road side hills of soil and peeved plastic con

According to a Haiti Hsitory book, a fighter with the last name Garat was the first to shoot Jean-Jacques Dessalines on Pont Rouge. He just figured out how to shoot at Dessalines' stallion. At that point a Delaunay, and thereafter a Vaval trained in on with his gun. In any case its truly the general Yayou, who lethally wounded him?  Dupuy: The

Jacqueline Turian Cardozo is so connected with the youngsters' writing proficiency book Ti Malice au pays des lettres, that numerous aren't even mindful that she's composed a few different books fundamentally Le petit marchand de fanaux: conte de Noël and her personal history On ne guérit pas de child enfance, distributed in 1987.  A few onloo

The front-page of the Aug 1, 1899 issue Le Nouvelliste, a newspaper that still exists today. [Image Credit: University of Florida Libraries Collection] According to historian Carlo A. Desinor, when it was first launched, Le Nouvelliste was actually called Le Matin. It had to relaunch under new investors, and did so under it

Mr. Robert T. Hill, quoted in Historical Records and Studies, Volume 13 compiled by the United States Catholic Historical Society said this in 1888: "Whatever may be said against the Haitians, it should be remembered that these people nearly a century ago instituted the movement which ending in Brazil in 1860 resulted in driving the institution of

A view of the city of Cap Haitien as it looked in the 1870s. [Photo Credit: Marc Pean Collection] [Image Credit: Boisrond Canal photo---public domain; Haitian army photos---Image Credit: T. Wust, Collections CIDDICA. Courtesy of Frantz Voltaire. Thanks to Dr. Bellegarde-Smith for the heads up.] #haiti #haitian #portauprince #haitihistory

This is Haitian paper money from 1875. The photo to the right is of Haiti's then-prez Michel Domingue. The monetary unit was called piastre, according to historian Jacques Nicolas Leger. #haiti #haitian #portauprince #haitihistory

The city of Miragoane was to be the site of one of Haiti’s most ferocious color wars, as asserted by many historians, including the every reliable Jacques Nicolas Leger. Here is a sketch of the city, as it looked in the year 1881. But what exactly happened in that city? According to historian Max Manigat (author of the book Leaders of Haiti: 1804-2

A photograph of Le Palais National, Haiti’s National Palace, during the Salomon era. Image Credit: Duke University, North Carolina, via the Le Palais National de la République d’Haiti Archives. #haiti #haitian #portauprince #haitihistory

 [Above] This was Haiti’s National Palace during Michel Domingue’s term as president. It was actually a family home called Maison Bellegarde used by Haiti’s presidents while a new one was built. Image and Source Credit: Duke University, North Carolina #haiti #haitian #portauprince #haitihistory

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