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Haiti's Interesting Facts

-Haiti is the most mountainous country in the Caribbean.   -Haiti has the second longest coastline in the Caribbean after Cuba; 1.100 miles. Over 70% of its beaches are still virgin.   -For 4 centuries, 15th -19th century, the world's top 3 major super powers were in war with each other to have control of Haiti for its geographical positi

-Native Haitians were pre-Columbian Ameridian named Taino/Arawak both meaning the good people. -The Taino/Arawak named their land Haiti, meaning Land of High Mountains. In less than 40 years, Spanish invaders were responsible for the genocide of the 3 millions Haitian natives  due to introduced diseases and slavery.  

It’s that time again…the Miss Haiti International pageant! Do you have what it takes? Enter the contest! Or do you know someone who does? Encourage them to enter. The Miss Haiti International pageant does not only include a Miss Category, but also a Mrs., as well as a Junior category. Past winners include Hermanie Pierre—who is now the Director of

Ever seen that movie Nora’s Salon II? Actress Claudine Oriol has a role in that film. She’s also appeared in such films as Pluie d’Espoir, The Death and Life of Bobby Z, As Good as Dead, and Blonde Ambition . Now, instead of playing scenes for directors, she’s sitting in the director’s chair, helming Resilient Hearts, a documentary about the 2010 H

Girls like Liz Paul weren’t supposed to grow up to be savvy business women running retail empires. If anything, they’re supposed to be unstable adult wards of the state. Growing up in Florida as the neglected daughter of a business woman and an artist, Liz Paul recalls that she often had to fend for herself and her siblings. She beat statistics, an

We think we are going through an odyssey in the country. For over two decades Haiti knows recurrent political crises. This time the crisis has reached a point where if we do not take prompt and effective measures, we will relive the disgraceful spectacle of a landing of foreign troops to enhance MINUSTAH. The specter of failure of one of the most i

The President of the Republic of Haiti has decided to convene Parliament in extraordinary session. A measure that was part of the agreement signed on December 29 between Michel Martelly and the presidents of both houses of Parliament. MPs and Senators will therefore meet on Monday 5 January in Port-au-Prince and the agenda of their meeting was the

Sarodj Durocher Bertin is one of this present century's overachievers. She is a glamorous lady. She has her own establishment Sarodj for a Purpose. She is a schedule young lady, most as of late posturing for the 2013 release for what has turned into a yearly treat for her fans, the Sarodj Bertin I Love Haiti logbook. The Port-au-Prince-conceived gi

On-screen character, film chief and celebration ruler Fabienne Colas tries to take travels occasionally. She truly does. Yet she never can never appear to make a go of it. She recounts the story of one of the keep going get-aways she anticipated the island of St. Martin. Third day into her get-away, the performing artist maker celebration organizer

KOMINIKE POU LAPRES Anbasad peyi Etazini Damerik  Biwo Zafè Piblik  Taba 41, Boulva 15 Oktòb  Pòtoprens, Ayiti  Tél: 2229-8351 / 2229-8903  Nan dat 10 oktòb 2014  No. 2014/ 49 Nouvo sistèm pou pran randevou viza touris Anbasad Amerikèn nan Pòtoprens an Ayiti, pral itilize yon nouvo sistèm pou pran randevou viza ak 

Chanjman nan sistèm pou pran randevou, pou peye epi resevwa dokiman pou moun kap fè demand viza • Jou kap 11 oktòb 2014- la, Anbasad amerikèn nan Pòtoprens, Ayiti, pral itilize yon nouvo  sistèm. Sa pral chanje fason moun pran randevou viza, peye ak resevwa dokiman.  • Yo deja ap itilize sistèm sila-a nan tout anbasad amerikèn ki nan

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