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Haiti Tourism: The Progress Report For 2015 Thus Far

Haiti tourism is on the come-up, kreyolicious cheries. Hooray. And wait a doggone minute…I’ve seen this lady’s face before, and we all have, haven’t we kreyolicious cheries—all over Facebook and Twitter? It’s the hard-working little bee Haiti Minister of Tourism Stephanie Villedrouin Balmir— grinning at the camera, and with good reason! Steph The B

Kreyolicious Reads…Kreyolicious Reads…your very own Haitian-American Book Club…in which…in which I discuss a book about Haiti. Today’s novel is Ready to Burst by author Franketienne. This novel is translated form the French by Kaiama L. Glover and is brought to us by Archipelago Books, a publishing house that specializes in making international nov

The way things are going for Kami Lauture, sooner or later she’ll either end up as an anchor on CNN, NBC or she just might have her own network. At 19, she was voted Miss Black Massachusetts, and now at 20, she’s the Vice President of Babson TV, Babson University’s broadcasting network. Watching her interact with guests and interviewees, and taking

Former fashion model and actress, Gracelle Beauvais 1980s/1990 - now.

It’s been a little while since I’ve written about the singer-songwriter Sherlee Skai. But I’ve never forgotten about her and her style. I think I initially came across her on Facebook. I was led to her channel on Reverb Nation, and couldn’t help but be blown away by her R&B-meets-World music and her striking vocals. So, of course, when I get wo

In which…in which I write my thoughts as I watch a kreyolicious music video….by this group called Djakout #1. Artist/Band: Djakout #1Song: “Libre D’aimer”Vocals: Steeve KheDirector: Abdias Laguerre/LuxEditor: Ron Mentor Ooh, a driveway…that sun-yellow paint…and the natural stone on that building…that isn’t New York, LA or MIA architecture. Are we o

Rapper and songstress Princess Eud keeps it rolling. The Haiti-based rapper, who has her very own clothing line Iyoudi, is now a thespian on the big screen. The film in question is entitled Suspicion and is directed by first-time director, Samuel Pierre-Louis. According to the film’s Facebook page, Pierre-Louis authored the book that is the basis f

In which…in which I write my thoughts as I watch a Kreyolicious music video… Artist/Band: Dat7Song: “Se Konsa” [This Is How You Do It], Written by Ricot AmazanProduced By: Ricot Amazon and Ti HaroldVocals: Olivier DuretDirector: New Vibrations, Dalex Saint-JeanCo-Director: Olivier Duret Nice brows, girl…and is that a mask of the African ancestors o

Haiti is the world's leading producer of vetiver and the essential oil derived from it. The high quality vetiver oil produced in Haiti is a light, golden amber, thick with a sweet, smooth and earthy fragrance which has become a key component in the manufacture of soaps, perfumes and deodorants around the world. Vetiver essential oil is used in 90%

A little over a year after the launch of its first flight ever in Haiti JetBlue adds another. The carrier based in New York City on Wednesday announced that it would be operating a new seasonal flight to Haiti from Logan Airport in Boston. The flight would join existing daily service between New York John F Kennedy service and Port-au-Prince and tw

-Haiti is the most mountainous country in the Caribbean.   -Haiti has the second longest coastline in the Caribbean after Cuba; 1.100 miles. Over 70% of its beaches are still virgin.   -For 4 centuries, 15th -19th century, the world's top 3 major super powers were in war with each other to have control of Haiti for its geographical positi

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