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An Interview With The Entrepreneur Behind Haitian Beauties LLC, Part II

Bianca Don launched Haitian Beauties LLC with dual missions: showing the beauty of Haiti, the country and displaying the beauty of young women of Haitian descent. The entrepreneur created the popular meme Haitian Girls R Made Of Sugar Spice & Brown Rice, as well as the hashtag #HaitianWivesMatter. She also sells heritage merchandise under the H

Dr. Gesulla Kavanaugh ignored self-doubt and wrote Counts of the Majestic , a work of fiction about 1800s Haiti. She chose to self-publish her novel through Amazon’s Create Space platform and has never looked back. Like many other-entrepreneurs, she opted to launch and market the book through her own means. But what’s next for her? Here she is disc

She calls her platform Haitian Beauties LLC, and with good reason. On Haitian Beauties, Bianca Don showcases the beauty of the women of Haiti as well as the country itself. She’s also what you might call a cultural survey specialist or digital anthropologist too. She occasionally fields questions and answer sessions…er chats…to her legion of Haitia

Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale graduate Holchiline Alcy left the medical track for a life in fashion design. It’s a change of direction that the Millennial fashion designer has not lived to regret. The fashion designer creates custom outfits for her mostly twenty-something clientele. A woman who’s sporting a Holchiline Alcy dress is hip, young, a

Jaco Transfer and its three co-founders including CEO Loic Jasmin are changing the Haiti food transfer and remittance industry. In addition to offering the traditional staples offered by its competitors, the fledgling startup has staked out other markets ignored or underestimated by older competitors. Jaco Transfer sells motor scooters for example?

Moise J. Michel published his children’s illustrated book Kwame and His Great Adventures: Kwame Meets Jackie Robinson earlier this summer. He’s by no means strictly a children’s author. Years ago, he penned and published Diamond in the Rough: Trials and Tribulations of a Southern Belle. Get to know him and his books and get some insight into his jo

The next time you’re in Texas, and feel like having some Haitian food, your intestines won’t have to suffer much. Gou Lakay, located in the heart of Killeen, Texas and its wonderful staff—which includes co-owner Mario Sense—will be more than happy to cater to your Haitian cuisine cravings. Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Port-au-Prince, Ha

Akashaic Books, an independent publisher based in New York has released Hadriana In My Dreams, a book originally published last century by Haiti-born poet and writer Rene Depestre in English. The English translation was done by Kaiama L. Glover, the same lit guru behind several translations of Haiti’s classic authors, including Dance on the Volcano

Are you engaged? And you’ve never been to Haiti? Or the last time you went to Haiti, your parents had to hold your hand, and give you toys so you wouldn’t get airplane anxiety? Well, things have changed. You’re grown up, and you’re looking for a venue to hold your ceremony. Why not have your wedding in Haiti? A destination wedding! It could be the

You’ve found your soulmate, the lady of your reveries; the man of your dreams. Now you have the ring, the budget, and you’ve decided that Haiti will be the place to tie the knot. You can’t think of another place more romantic and neither can I…The sun-kissed beaches, the fruit-filled forests are the perfect settings for the wonderful days ahead in

Haiti Diva Rutshelle Guillaume Releases Sophomore Album Rebelle Haiti singer-songwriter Rutshelle Guillaume, who’s known as just Rutshelle on social media has released her sophomore album Rebelle today. Her last album was a set of emotional ballads. If this one is to be judged by the leading single “Rendez-Vous au Sommet” [See You at the Top], whic

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