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Kreyolicious Interview: Freedom, Rapper and Producer, Part 1

If you’re a music lover on the perpetual pursuit of meaningful music, and you’ve never come across this artist named Freedom on iTunes, consider yourself as mighty unfortunate. His nine-track album Liberation 1804 for one, is one of the deepest song collections I’ve ever encountered on that platform. Soulful and gospel-tinged, each track is more sp

Five Haitian films will be screened at this year’s edition of Vues d’Afrique, a film festival that highlights films from the African Dyaspora. Among them… 1. Kamelo: A short directed by Jean-Claude Bourjolly, a filmmaker based in Port-au-Prince.Screening(s): May 2/2 P.M.Director: Jean-Claude Bourjolly Rundown: The film covers the filmmaker’s perspe

Ki Mele’m! Have you ever said that to someone? To friends, perhaps? Family members? Parents? (If after saying it to that third category you are still alive and well, and able to read this, congratulations). Now, you can express your lack of caring and extreme nonchalance in the form of a tee brought to you by Valerie Jean-Charles. Jean-Charles is a

Kreyolicious Music Video…in which—in which I write my thoughts as I watch a kreyolicious music video. Artist/Band: KarizmaDirector: F. Reginald Georges/Mage EntertainmentSong: “Rive Sou Mwen”Album: Virus Ooh, where are we? Kentucky…somewhere in the ‘Carolinas…Or is this somewhere in Haiti? Okay, it’s Haiti. Hooray! And look, kreyolicious cheries, t

Welcome dear readers to today’s edition of the Kreyolicious Author Q&A. Today’s conversation is with author Sully Grand-Jean, who is based in Jonesboro, Georgia. The academic and professional credentials that he holds could probably cover up the walls of that entire town. He’s the founder of Compassion Plus, a non-profit that provides assistanc

Ever sit there and wonder how the graphic design, social media and event marketing world operate in Haiti? Karl Jean-Jeune—the CEO and Founder of Ayilo, one of the fledging social media marketing firms based in Port-au-Prince—gave Kreyolicious an overview of these two industries. At the top of his game, Jean-Jeune not only runs Ayilo but heads Part

In this special edition of Haiti History 101, I present you with an artifact…a rare artifact…This is definitely not something you see everyday…a page from a Haitian newspaper from 1805. Ain’t it cool? It’s date January 1805…which according to our math means…that it was an issue published a year after Haiti’s independence. A Haitian newspaper from 2

…Kreyolicious Reads…your very own Haitian-American Book Club…in which—in which I discuss a book about Haiti. Today’s novel is Stella by Emeric Bergeaud. This book is special to Kreyolicious Reads for so many reasons. Originally written in 1859, Stella is the oldest novel that has been selected for the Book Club. This translated edition of the novel

Wyclef went down to Miami this past weekend. He visited the hot city to help celebrate Miami’s 100th anniversary. While there, he also took part in the SiriusXM Radio event, that included an Afro Jack concert. Wyclef will forever be a wicked MC. \ He looks very kreyolicious in his striped sweater and sunglasses. Go ‘head on Clef. [Photos: Gustavo C

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Haiti tourism is on the come-up, kreyolicious cheries. Hooray. And wait a doggone minute…I’ve seen this lady’s face before, and we all have, haven’t we kreyolicious cheries—all over Facebook and Twitter? It’s the hard-working little bee Haiti Minister of Tourism Stephanie Villedrouin Balmir— grinning at the camera, and with good reason! Steph The B

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