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Haiti Tourism : Tourist market of Les Cayes, Things are moving everywhere...

Tourist market of Les Cayes Thursday, Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin, the Minister of touristry and inventive Industries (MTCI) and Karine Condé, South division director of MTIC, among a delegation from the Economic and national assistance Fund (FAES), led by Mrs. Esther Antoine, advisor of the final board of directors of FAES and liable for external

Thursday, at a gathering conducted by Léopold Roumer, Director General of the National Agency of Civil Aviation (OFNAC), within the presence among others of Dithny Joan Raton, Director Southeast Ministry of touristry and inventive Industries and Christine Stephenson, Representative IBIDAA, a technical pre-analysis of the enlargement choices for Jac

Did you know? Trezo d'Haiti Coffee - At one point over 60% of the worlds coffee came from Haiti, now less that 1%. We are looking to change that buy offering jobs to farmers and help foster sustainability by offering this amazing coffee!!!! 

René Dépestre, Novelist, poet. 1926 - Dépestre has been called Haiti’s greatest poet, and at times the country’s greatest poets/novelists. Dépestre’s body of literary works has drawn much awe, and his works a great deal of different interpretations. 

Pieces of Haitian History you may not know about: Jean Price Mars was Born on October 15th 1876, He is a Haitian intellectual, scholar, anthropologist, writer, a Doctor in medicine, a diplomat who made history by becoming the youngest person to this very day, both in Haiti and in the world to officially have served as a diplomat; Jean Price Mars wa

Pieces of Haiti History you may not know about: Bill and Hillary Clinton spent their honeymoon in Haiti. 

Pieces of Haiti History you may not know about: More than 65 years ago, Raymond Cassagnol, was one of five Haitian-Tuskegee Airmen to earn his pilot wings at Tuskegee Army Air Field (Alabama). The first to graduate, Class 43-G (July 1943), today he is the last surviving Haitian-Tuskegee Airman. 

Pieces of Haiti History you may not know about: The first woman to break the color barrier was Haiti's black entrant Evelyn Miot upon gaining the right to compete for the semis during the 1962 Miss Universe Pageant on Floridian soil, what had seemed highly improbable days ago at a time when the black women were not allowed to participate in the bea

Pieces of Haitian History you may not know about: Joseph Laroche, nephew to the then president of Haiti, was a 2nd class passenger on Titanic and was the only black man to perish in Titanic's sinking. He was survived by his pregnant wife (a son to be named Joseph Laroche Jr.) and two children. The interracial family was moving to Haiti for work, as

Pieces of Haitian History you may not know about: W.E.B. Dubois was the 1st Haitian-American to graduate from Harvard with a doctorate degree in 1895.

Pieces of Haitian History you may not know about: The 3rd largest city in the USA was founded by a Black man. Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable was first settler in Chicago, arriving from Europe in 1770s. He married a Native Potawatomi Indian woman (Kittahawa) & founded first trading post in area. The Town of Chicago was organized with a population

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