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Benito Sylvain, a founding father of Pan-Africanism

Pieces of Haiti History you may not know. Benito Sylvain, a founding father of Pan-Africanism, he was the messenger of Haitian President Nord Alexis to King Menelik II of Ethiopia. Haiti financed the army of Ethiopia to defeat Italy in the battle of Adwa. Why our historians have forgotten this great Haitian adventure in the land of Ethiopia

Pieces of Haiti history you may not know: Did you know that by winning the Battle of Vertieres on November 18th 1803, Haiti forced France to sell to the US, it's Louisiana territory, doubling the size of the United States of America. The Louisiana territory makes up today 15 US states and part of Canada. 

Did you know that: for 105 years (1697-1802) Haiti was responsible for 40% of the sugar consumed in the entire world; 123 millions pounds in 1788 alone.

The first nation that recognized the Greek's Independence was Haiti.Haiti made history by being the first independent black nation in the world. 16 years later, the declaration of the Greek Revolution against the ruling Ottoman Empire received a warm response in Haiti. Haiti the first country that recognised the Greek War of Independence and the Gr