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Fight against COVID-19: the poorest will receive 3,000 gourdes

To take stock of the measures taken and make promises, the head of state addressed the Haitian nation early Monday evening.President Jovenel Moïse announces the start of the disbursement of funds for the most vulnerable during the week."Whether in the province or in the capital, the poorest will receive 3,000 gourdes," said the head of state.In add...

The Moise-Jouthe administration has made new appointments to the public administration. An order to this effect was published in the newspaper Le Moniteur published on April 24, 2020. According to the order, Camy J. Depas is appointed Director General of the Ministry of Culture. He replaces Yves Penel.The National Pantheon Museum has a new director...

 On the way to the airport this Wednesday, there's nothing missing from the scenery on this most ordinary day. Motorcyclists who turn a blind eye to passers-by; crowded taps of passengers mostly without protective masks; pedestrians heading in all directions; a cacophony of horns, the roar of engines, and the shouts of boiled egg and banana-fi...

Whatever the outcome of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy will pay a heavy price. At the global level as in Haiti.If optimists still hope that the cost of mowing lives will be as low as possible in Haiti, it is obvious that the economic consequences will be disastrous in all cases. They already weigh on daily life in the count

COVID-19 :Lancement Activités de Sensibilisation dans la commune de Delmas 16/04/2020Le Pdt de la CRH, a procédé, ce matin, au lancement des activités de sensibilisation communautaire à Delmas en vue de contribuer à la réponse face à l'épidémie du COVID-19 auquel Haïti fait face

Le Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population (MSPP) avise tous les importateurs qu’aucune nouvelle demande d’autorisation d’importation ne sera accordée pour des produits à base de Ranitidine.#MSPPHaiti#DPMMT#UCRP

The Haitian head of state calls for solidarity between all sectors of national life in order to fight the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, he urged his compatriots to put an end to the stigma against coronavirus patients. we must be tolerant and supportive, said the head of state insisting on the need to protect hospitals.He is delighted with t

The Haitian head of state, Jovenel Moïse, recommends wearing a mask as the main prevention strategy against the corona virus. In an address to the nation this Monday, April 13, 2020, Mr. Moïse indicated that the free distribution of masks will begin on Wednesday, April 15.For the moment the scientific commission has a stock of 3 million masks. To m

Otorite sante ayisyen yo te rapòte yon ogmantasyon 20 cases nan ka kontaminasyon ak viris la corona konpare ak estatistik yo ki nan Madi, Avril 7, 2020. Nan yon semèn Ayiti te ale nan 16 a 30 ka konfime nan covid 19.Ogmantasyon nan lanmò ak 2 lanmò tou Yon fanm 69-zan dyabetik ak ipèrtansif te mouri yè Mèkredi, 8 avril 2020.Minis sante Marie Gretta

Otorite lokal yo nan sid ak Grand-Anse te adopte mezi pou kenbe gaye viris la. Yo anrejistre 30 ka ofisyèl kowonaviris an Ayiti epi de moun te mouri akòz maladi a. Selon yon rezolisyon ke delegasyon sid la adopte ak asosyasyon majistra depatman sa a, entèdi transpò ant depatman sid la ak rès peyi a nan jedi 9 avril sa a minwi jiska jedi 23 avril om

Sur la Base Anacona des militaires seront mobilisés avec pour mission d’accompagner @MsppOfficiel afin de sécuriser des hôpitaux et des convois de produit médicaux destinés à lutter contre le #Covid19. Ils devraient être opérationnels d’ici la semaine prochaine. @MDefenseHT