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Mrs. Haiti International On Beauty, Women Friendships And Her Crowning, Part I

Kenicha Narcisse is the newest Mrs. Haiti International. She’s absolutely beautiful and she uses the same determination that made her a pageant queen as a trait to guide her in other aspects of her life. Lean in and listen as she discusses the beauty pageant, self-image and her crowning. Kreyolicious: What made you enter the Mrs. International page

How competent are you when it comes to speaking Haitian Creole language? Bonjou from Lulu, a start-up founded by entrepreneur Lucy Dorlus, will have you speaking little touching phrases in the form of greeting cards! The Florida-based Haitian Creole greeting cards collection not only fills a gap in the market, but also has a philanthropic aspect. A

Haitian pumpkin soup, better known as soup joumou, fills the tummies of Haitian-Americans year-round, but few know the traditions behind the dish. Haitian-American filmmaker Dudley Alexis decided to unravel the full history behind the dish so often associated with Haitian Independence. The result of all his research is the documentary Liberty in a

So the Haitian Compas Festival celebrated its nineteenth year this past May. The 20th Edition will take place in 2018, which is closer than it seems. For this year’s edition, there was an effort on the part of organizers to include Haitian-American performers. The presence of Haitian-Americans acts such as Kiddo Marv, Dejah Roh, Steph Lecor, Zoey D

ICYMI: The Haitian Compas Festival: The USA’s Biggest Haitian Music Festival And How It Went Down The Haitian Compas Festival, the USA’s biggest Haitian music festival took place for two days over the weekend at Miami’s Bayfront Park. Let’s see how it went down. Here’s the full report from your favorite chick Kreyolicious. Look at radio maven, reco

When filmmaker Shirley Bruno’s film Tezen was screened at the Haiti Cultural Exchange Haiti Film Fest earlier this month, audiences got to see imagination poured on film at its best. Bruno took “Tezen”, a traditional Haitian folk tale, and turned it into a poignant short film. Kreyolicious: If you could give a budding filmmaker some advice, you’d s

Entrepreneur Stephanie Voltaire creates stunning creations for her V-Lure Designs collection. She’s also a woman on a mission. In the future, the astute business hopes to launch a project whose mission is to encourage young women to cultivate ethics. In Part I of my conversation with her, she talked about how she went from hobby to business. This t

The Haiti Film Fest, presented by New York-based arts organization Haiti Cultural Exchange, will launch today Thursday May 11 and will continue through May 14. Among the films being screened on May 12, is Minutes to Say Hi, a short. Filmmaker Easmanie Michel, the screenwriter-director behind the project, took some time out of her schedule to talk m

Singer Gaya has got some solid vocal game. You should check out some of her songs, especially the song “Amoureux” (In Love), in which the Canadian of Haitian descent songstress sounds like a Millennial Roberta Flack. Her voice husky, sensual decorates the song “Kingdom”, like a silk tablecloth for a Sunday dinner. Let’s all get to know her, and her

What would you expect from a rapper with a name like Trouble Boy? Hardcore rhymes with bombing references every other verse drop? A Haiti rapper who goes by that name and who’s name Haitian-American music fans will get the chance to see the rapper perform at Miami’s Haitian Compas Festival this May. While his name may indicate chaos and mischief, l

Film director Mario Delatour has had a career as diverse as his upbringing. He was born in Venezuela to Haitian parents. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and currently lives in Haiti. His films are focused on different aspects of Haiti’s history: immigration from the Middle East to Haiti in the 19th Century, the history of Haiti’s banking system,

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