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A quick introduction of a person, whether a potential new friend or anyone that you might be interested in.

Activity Stream

Highlights brand new status updates, profile pictures, upcoming events, photos, videos or audio uploads, interactive polls and much more.


Share some of your favorite tracks or remixes. Play and discover new tracks, and build the perfect playlist within your community.

Badges & Achievements

Users can achieve reward badges and showcase their achievements right from their profile page. Earn even more badges when they fulfilled the set requirements.


Engage in private conversations with newly acquainted friends or involve in group chats. Get notified immediately when new messages arrive in your inbox.


Know the latest happenings and upcoming events within the community. Organize social gatherings whether OpenPrivate or Invitation Only for all occasions.


Groups are meant for people with common interests, to share, interact and keep in touch with one another more closely.

Mobile Ready

Fully responsive, toolbar and navigation were revamped and redesigned to allow a less obstructive view of the site, especially for users who are constantly on-the-go.

Multilingual Support

Localization - Effective communication is crucial when establishing a successful social presence. Haitianhollywood also made relevant to the different languages worldwide.


A place for people to get connected with your business. Suitable for any startups or businesses within the community to interact with your customers.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Share every picturesque moment or even the funniest GIF on the internet. Celebrating special moments to the finest.

*GIF images

User Points

Keep track of points and discover how certain actions influenced gaining or losing points on Haitianhollywood


Videos are one of the most immersive ways to share and discover new sources of entertainment. Share trending, personal favorites or even homemade videos with your community.