Klass, fel vini avan

Pipo, denounced a plot to remove the group from the music scene.

In Haiti since August 3, the Klass musical training is in our walls until 27 as part of his national tour for the summer holidays.
Since the release of his first "Fè'l vini avan" album in 2013, Klass continues to be talked about for its marketing strategies. Indeed, the staff neglects nothing when it comes to promotion. Some speak of great economic means, the group would have; others complain of the money offered by the band Richie & Pipo to facilitators to disseminate songs produced by Klass. Both albums dated group were subject to these allegations. This time, they are musical groups and musicians who criticize in private and in public Klass staff who have "watered facilitators to broadcast the songs" to their detriment. Those containing these comments admit that most of them do not have the same means as the team Klass.

Sunday 21 August 2016, Kreyòl la and Klass shared the same stage Esquina Latina (to Brothers) at a party organized by Zigizag Productions which brought together many people. During the evening and before, T-Jo Zenny, Kreyòl lead vocal of La, was not lacking, like other musicians, launch direction arrows of some leaders who play only Klass during the shows. Shabba, invited by Kreyol la, also clearly stated to have problems with the group before his performance.

After the good performance of Kreyòl la, singer Klass, Pipo, denounced a plot to remove the group from the music scene. The singer did not name names or give too many details, but said that four musical groups met ( "despite their problems they can not handle") for the sole purpose of "kraze Klass". In the evening, again, Pipo has not missed the opportunity to thank the media who support the group and which broadcast his music "good quality".

Brothers musicians and musical groups critical, denouncing, targeted animators ... um ... money divides the HMI.

Sante Nou se yon nouvo fason pou pote swen sante an Ayiti

pou jwen swen, Rele fanmi ou nan peyi Etazini pou ba ou aksè a swen an Ayiti.