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Trouble boy

  • Birthday: 18. December 1989
  • Birthplace: Haiti


Trouble Boy’s real name is Lord Wensky Jolissaint, born on December 19, 1989. He is a young rapper best known for his two (2) Mega hits : “Vwazin Nan” (2012) and “Raz”(2015). His lyrics are well articulated and rich, with unique punchlines. Trouble boy has without a doubt found the perfect formula to satisfy his public. The young and the old are able to sing to his songs .
Passionate of music, Trouble was quickly influenced by the American Hip Hop scene in the beginning of 2000, after the death his mother in 2009 he launched his music career with his first single

»Crank that Moto » which came out in 2011. Immediate success for the young rapper, who was then unknown to the public. Its with this same momentum that he released his first album entitled « Shut up epi tande » in 2012.

He gets his inspiration from his circle, from his own experiences or his feelings. Trouble is the reflection of Creole Rap since the last few years : enthusiastic, productive, strong attitude, and a strong urge to gain recognition. Already in contact with Maestro, Trouble has finally decided to join the new label DIYOSA Music in January 2016. His second album scheduled to come out in June 2016.
Interesting Facts : Brand Ambassador for Keeng et Mocha (Natcom) (2015-2016)
Brand Ambassador for KINANM (2016)

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