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Roger Monfort Eugene


Shou-Bou is the prince of Haitian music. Tabou Combo singer, he also leads his solo career, finding time to accompany or even composing for other artists. 


Shou-bou is a brilliant character who commands the respect of his peers and younger generations often look like a model. 


Shou-Bou was born under the name of Roger Monfort Eugene to Port-de-Paix a July 15, works by Eugène Pinchinat and Victory Cadet. He is one of indestructible Haitian musicians who continue cartoning in the panorama of Haitian music. 


Great name Compass Direct "Made in Haiti", he not only conquered the Caribbean and camped at the top of the poster for decades, he has also made ​​a name in the world, including the United States and France, seducing all generations with conventional repeated in chorus in social gatherings like the corner of a fire. 


From "Baby Paramount" to "Shoubadou" through "New York City", Shou-Bou has marked the history of Haitian music and is not about to be forgotten, creating, through a music universe where he invites us to distinguish between reality and piracy. Today, not only to himself his own fame, he chose to become his own critic, his commentator, his judge, his director, taking off, making himself, to others the power to issue verdicts . 


Gradually starting to get noticed in the world of music, he spent five years of his life among the sopranos sing in the choir of the Brothers of Christian Instruction of Port-de-Paix. The high school started in the Minor Seminary of Our Lady of Lourdes College in Port-de-Paix allowed him to join the choir as a soprano and tenor good for seven long years. But his studies when completed, Shou-Bou initiates in a genre of music quite different, Compass Direct. 


There he meets two neighborhood friends, John L. Theagenes and Edward Ferrier, the maestro of the group "Tremolo". With them, Shou-Bou honed his vocal chords if accompanied by musicians on harmonica. Then he met the saxophonist Anthony Vassor, which at the time was the maestro of the group "The Fanciful Port-de-Paix." However, its passage in this group will be short-lived, since some time later, he will collaborate with another group, "Perle Des Antilles" where he met Jean Elie Telfort (Cubano) singer, Jean Alcindor, accordionist and maestro them made ​​their debut in Haitian music. 


To better reach the barometer of the soul, he joined the drama club, "The Companions of the board," with Dr. Paul L. Cauvin as director. From this experience, it keeps the most beautiful memories and to come in useful in his live performances because a good experience gained is never lost. 


And it was not until September 1968 that Shou-Bou really launched his career and managed to establish itself as an artist in their own right. His meeting with Albert Chancy and Herman Nau, founders of TABOO COMBO, would propel him to the front of the stage and help him win a phenomenal success. Besides the nickname of "Shou-Boo" comes to him from a musician in this group, accordionist Paul Gonel, which so successfully marry the talent of the artist to the success of the group for the two names rhyme, taboo and Shou-Bou. With Tabou Combo, Shou-Bou records 39 albums. He sang at the famous Olympia in Paris and participated in the big show held in Bercy and the Stade de Dillon in Martinique with the band "Kassav '". With its original vibrato, he electrifies the crowd with the "Malavoi" group at both concerts held at the Atrium in Martinique. In addition, he embellishes with an impression of his voice three albums the group "Africando" and presents a show at the Zenith in Paris with recording a live DVD. 


Shou-Boo had no trouble imposing his style, and does not haggle to offer assistance to other talented musicians, including Tuco Bouzy, Ronald Rubinel Georges Decimus ... It remains the largest, if not the only Haitian singer to have seen her in letters of fire on the pediment of Olympia, where there have renowned artists such as Aznavour, Iglesias, Dion, and many other names. Note that first impressions often become indelible tasks even resist the ravages of time. With his album "Shoubadou" Shou-Bou is the theater of Saint-Denis Montreal, where he had as a guest artist Luck Mervil. Constantly transforming his life in music, Shou-Bou finds songwriter, creating tubes after tubes, singing hits after hits. He recently stated his desire to retire because he understood that when the show is over, before the curtain falls, taking in the crowd who have loved us, those who have betrayed us, it is important that we come back on stage to greet the crowd and go. While waiting to see him move from words to deeds, thousands of fanatics continue to break their hands in fireworks wild gaiety and mirth in its lower stage performance.

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