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Roberto Martino

  • Birthplace: Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Being sons of the legendary Robert Martino, Roberto and Reynaldo over 15 years ago embarked on a musical journey that has been a roller-coaster ever since! T-Vice is a Haitian Kompa musical band that formed in 1992. 


Roberto and Reynaldo Martino, sons of renowned Haitian guitarist Robert Martino of the classic Top Vice band, T-Vice's predecessor. Longtime friends James Cardozo and Gerald Kebreau were soon part of the group thus completing the quartet as they were originally known to be. Roberto and Reynaldo had thought of the idea of creating their own group through the musical influence and inspiration they received from Top Vice in which their father was the lead guitarist.

T-Vice copied the revolutionized genre of kompa created by Top Vice followed by Mickey with the energetic party vibe they brought to the scene. Musical influences from reggae, merengue, flamenco and modern synthesizing from Ansyto, Fabrice Rouzier, Robert Charlot and Mickey rock 'n' roll have made the group one of the most innovative musicians of the genre. The group's performances have led them to become the current face behind the music in large part due to their international touring. The band has traveled to European, and Caribbean countries, as well as U.S states for concerts. The band's debut album "Konpa Kontak" was a hit among konpa listeners. In October 2006, T-Vice released a new album titled Kité'm Viv.

T-Vice has collaborated with other Haitian konpa bands such as Carimi and their rival Djakout Mizik. The group appeared in the hit single Party By The Sea along with rapper Wyclef Jean and Jamaican reggae artist Buju Banton.


Many sought to attribute the band's success to their relationship with patriarch Robert Martino, as well as the steadfast managerial genus of the Martino brothers' mother Jessie Al-Khal and their uncle Pierrot Al-Khal. T-Vice were victimized in the late 90s by a vicious rumor which was later proven to have been fabricated. It was widely believed that a jealous rival had begun the falsehood. T-Vice has also been involved in a noticeably ongoing "feud" with successful Konpa band Djakout Mizik. However, regardless of their supposed ongoing feud, members of both group share an amically professional friendship.

Over the years, T-Vice has become one of the most successful kompa bands of the modern era.

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