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Niska Garoute


My name is Niska Garoute. I was born in Miami, FL but spent the majority of my life living in Port-au-prince, Haiti. I moved to New york city in 2009 after graduating high school. I am currently attending New York Institute of technology where i am pursuing BFA in graphic design. I consider myself both a designer and a musician. My style is either very dark or extremely bright. My work usually consists of lots of movement and geometrical shapes. I enjoy doing figurative sketches but I'm much more a lover of abstract conceptual art. Being able to communicate an idea through simple art is simply genius to me. Im inspired by artists such as Van Gogh, Edward Munich and Picasso. Whether Im writing or illustrating I like to begin every project by brainstorming. In this case before i start composing a drawing or an identity i like to sketch and do some research on the topic. Once i have a few ideas down on paper i then choose the most effective illustrations. Once i have the base idea thats when the fun begins. I love to improvise as i create; it gives my art an organic touch.

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