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Nancy Toussaint


"I was born in Haiti--March 9, 1983, the day Pope John Paul the II visited Haiti. I was born under Haiti's dictatorial Duvalier regime (Jean Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier). He was ousted 3 years later in 1986, since I was only a child, I have no memory or recollection of the brutal regime and the evil impact it entrenched on the country.

 I came to the United States at the age of 9;  and  the reason for my family coming here was more economical than political.


Looking back on my childhood experiences in Haiti, As far back as I can remember; I've always associated my time in Haiti, as a simple innocent childhood full of imagination. 

" I would describe my personality as being an introvert, I’m a very ambitious person, I'm very creative, I have a lot of goals and dreams.  I will work hard till I bleed to accomplish my goals. My personal motto is: “life is really what you make it, if a door closes, open one. Make things happen, build your own door; create your own path--- make your own opportunity; and keep building---creating your path until you reach your destiny.”

My main Focus is being a spiritual Counselor, Life Visionary, and philanthropist. It is my passion to assist others in the realm of well-being, abundance, inner peace, 
depression, self-worth, God and spirituality, meditation, compassion, motivation and many more matters of the heart and soul.

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