Nadege Fleurimond

  • Birthplace: Port-au-Prince, Haiti



Nadege Fleurimond is a young chef at the head of Fleurimond Catering. Born in Haiti, Fleurimond grew up in the United States; however, she gained her appreciation of flavors, textures and colors associated with the Caribbean lifestyle, from her strong upbringing and background of her Haitian culture.

Haiti is a country very distinct from many others of the Caribbean, which has a unique tradition and gastronomy due to the French influence of the colonialism and its proximity to the Dominican Republic. This diverse environment enabled Fleurimond to incorporate her culture and her surrounding into an art, an art of cooking.

Attending Columbia University in New York City, Fleurimond understood early that the kitchen was her calling. She opted not to pursue the corporate world of stocks and cubicles. She found a natural enjoyment in cooking. She liked the idea of big plates with plenty of color, texture and flavor.

Fleurimond developed a repertoire of dishes that were often a mix of the elements of her Caribbean upbringing, and the American, African and Latin influences. These dishes are a blend of the essence of each culture to please the palates and appeal to all the other senses.

Nadege Fleurimond took her zest for flavor and culture and began a successful catering business. She now offers her services and talents personally to the public.

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