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Marie Blanchard

  • Birthday: 01. December 1985


Marie was born on December 2, 1985 on the Caribbean Island of Haiti. She moved to the US when she was 12. Marie lived in New Jersey for about 7 years and moved to Pennsylvania the summer of 2003. Marie went to 3 different high schools and she says that she was considered a girl that was not cool. She was never really part of a clique until her senior year.

At age 19, Marie was living in Stroudsburg, PA. This was during the time that Marie was working with Photographer Emily Enderes to get started in her modeling career. Marie was in college at this time. Emily was an intern for Playboy. Emily told Marie that if she did a photo shoot for her portfolio with her for free, she would help Marie start her portfolio free of charge. She taught Marie how/where and who to network with. Soon Marie started getting requests from other photographers for both paying and TFP work. As of 2008, Maire is with a modeling Agency who has given her the opportunity to be in films, work with a variety of people to help springboard her career.

Marie is very athletic, loves to listen/dance to hip hop, and loves to travel. She has enjoyed her modeling career filled with beauty pageants, fashion shows, business functions and children's programs; Not to mention working in front of the camera in the film industry. Marie lists her hometowns as Scroix Des Bouguets, Haiti and Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Marie speaks Creole, French and English. She has very clean English. She owes that to not having any Haitian friends after coming to the US. She has a wonderful alto speaking voice.

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  • val


    16 February 2015 at 23:19 |
    do I always have to open your ads don't u have a brain u can take descent photo you don't have to sell your ads!


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