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Madman JP


Levans P. Jean-Pierre a.k.a. Madman JP, Haiti’s own Hip-Hop, R&B Producer. Introduced himself to the haitian music scene back in 1992 with his debut album entitled “Kousa boulé” under the Nouvel Jenerasyon record label with co- executive Producer Joubert Charles. Kousa boulé is a kompa album that stood the test of time cause it was ahead of its time with the touch of several veterans in the game like: Ralph Conde Yves A Albert, Phillip Pierre, Adeline Thelisma, Wuydens Joseph, Richard Rouzeau to name a few… Madman Jp’s plans right after the release of his debut album as a singer and arranger was to create his own band to launch his career unfortunately some says fortunately he says that once that project hit the market he was in such demands to arrange music for other up and coming artist his dream to perform live took a back sit to working in the studio for artists such as: Patricia Juste, Sheila Desgraff, Shirley Desgrottes, Zhea Caze, Arsene Appolon, Skah shah, Tabou Combo, Fanfan tibot, Shandel, Ti Crane, D’sire 3 to name a few and numerous Gospel artist in the industry….where he decided to invest in building his own recording studio and developing his skills not only as an elite vocal arranger also a bass player a composer and a recording engineer.

Madman Jp was born and raised in brooklyn very much influenced musically by his mother Alourdes Jean-Pierre who was a leading soprano gospel singer in Hebron SDA the first haitian choir church in brooklyn Ny under the guidance of the late Maestro Pierre Belhomme as an Exelcior singer. His secular music influenced started at the age of 10 when his uncle blessed him with his first kompa album Bossa Combo “ Racine”. Ironically one of his memorable accomplishment 12 years later he finds himself in a recording studio coachin Raymond Cajuste the iconic singer of bossa Combo. Aside from Gospel & kompa he fell in love with hip hop music and from there… Levans P. Jean-Pierre became Madman Jp.

Worked with Mega hip hop artist Busta Rhymes – worked with Goodfellas Ent. With Caxino Rey ML the singer. Michael May to name a few. Shaft Ent….with numerous platinum record for Mega hip hop artist lil kim as a recording and mixing engineer. Under his own Production company 2Fat Productions Madman Jp released in total six of his own album produced and featured the top artists of the 90’s and 2000…Alan Cave, King kino, Armstrong Jeune, Nia, Paola boad, Jean Max Valcourt, Georgy Metellus, Ronsard Robillard, Mika ben, Junior Laporte, kenny Desmangles, the list is endless… He was the co-founder and owner of the kompa band Do-la now Dola Mizik…currently running his state of the art recording studio in suffolk county Ny. The industry respect his no holds barred approach and his straight shooter attitude his latest album 2know love is 2know you was on Art of the Mix top 100 albums for 8 weeks straight!… Once you hear 2fatbaby on any track on the radio or the net better believe its Haitian own Madman Jp.

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