Jean Elie

  • Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts


Jean Fritz Elie Jr. is an American actor who was born in BostonMassachusetts, and grew up in Brockton, Massachusetts. He is ofHaitian descent. He has worked in numerous roles and sets such as "Everyone Counts", "A Hollywood Zone", and CSI:NY, and landing a principal role in the Project X, from the creators of The Hangover.

Jean Elie, an actor who started in Brockton, Massachusetts, has been making a name for himself since he stepped foot in Hollywood. Upon moving to Hollywood on a leap of faith, $1000 and a HUGE dream, he received his first feature in the film “Project X,” intensifying his drive to succeed. Since then, his passion and go-getter mentality has landed him roles in the films “For Billy” and “A Gentlemen Always,” among many others.

He was one of the original performers in BE: The Monologues at Sam French, in association with Play Bill and Chicago Theatre.


2008 "Make Them Cry" Group Member Backward Cinema
2009 "Pearl of the Night" Loco Donald Martin
2010 "Hollywood Zone" Street Kid Monique Reed
2010 "Project X" Tough Guy Nima Nourizade
2011 "Terms of Service" Mugger Mike Symonds
2011 " For Billy" Actor Micheal Anthony


2009 "Boston Finest"(Pilot) Detainee ABC Studios
2009 "Body of Proof" Corpse ABC Studios
2010 "Everyone Counts" Office Worker Golightly Productions
2010 "CSI:NY" Medical Technician Anthony E. Zuiker
2010 "Odd Room" (Pilot) Kamal Nisan Cameron Chin

Print, commercial and other

2008 Cheating Boyfriend Buckwild Radio
2009 Model Citizen Stock
2009 Self Mixture Magazine
2010 UFC Model Robinson Images
2010 Drug Abuser Answer to Drugs/Gary Ravencroft
2010 College Student Fundamental of Thought/Gary Ravencroft
2010 Customer Cheesecake Factory/Taz Goldstein
2011 Cell Phone User Chevy/Spike DDB
2011 Wedding Guest Lap Band

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