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Gazman Couleur


Gasman Pierre, better known as Gazman Couleur, was born on August 22nd, in Gonaïves. Passionate about football, he dreamt of becoming a professional player, but a knee injury changed his path and led him to the microphone.Gazman cherished the dream of being a singer since his youngest age, despite his mother’s apprehension. Towards the end of the 1980s, his family emigrated and settled permanently in the United States. A few years later, he began a career as a solo artist equipped only with an unusual, powerful and mysterious voice.

He performed on playback, accompanied by a multitude of beautiful dancers. In 1992, he joined the group Yeah Bah and the band released its only album, entitled “An nou fe’l a de”. Two years later, he embarked with Zenglen Plus, which became D’Zine, under his suggestion and influence. Hits like “Apocalypse”, “Deal With It”, “Haiti”, “Lavi en exil” and “Saint-Jacques” paved the way towards the success that awaits him.Due to D’Zine’s internal conflicts, Gazman united with Arly Larivière, revoked himself, a few months earlier. The two combined their strengths and created Nu Look in 2000.

From 2002 and 2006, Nu Look released 3 albums, which would ascertain Gazman’s ongoing legacy in the Pantheon of Haitian music, with deliveries like “Assez”, “Big Mistake”, “Ave’w m’ap mache”, “Ste-Cécile”, “Young Blood”, “Gran depanse”, “Competition” and “Legacy”.He participated in an array of masterful collaborations: “Adrienne”, on the 40th Anniversary album of Orchestre Tropicana d’Haïti, “Sexy Love” on Shedly Abraham’s Jazz La Volume 6 album, “Ou Se” from the Happy 50th Compas album with Jean-Richard ”Richie” Hérard, “Ou ale” from the Leave Me Alone album of Gabriel Laporte, “Pou Yo” from Skyz Da Limit album Afrikayiti, and “Ke’m vle, ko’m pa vle” from Suave Mizik album Cadence Romantique. Gazman Pierre (vibznation.com)
Gazzman and his band DiSip recently released an album entitled “Viktwa”.

HB- Who is Gazzman Pierre? Where did you grow up?
G- Gazzman was born in Haiti. I spent the first few years growing up in Gonaives, and then migrated to the USA during my teen. 

HB- What bands did you listen to growing up?
G- Ti Manno, Bob Marley, Tabou Combo, Michael Jackson, King Kino, Bon Jovi, Journey, James Brown, Guns & Roses, Marvin Winans, Ansy Derose, Ralph Thamar, Jean Luc Guanel, Jean Phillip Martely, Cubano

HB- Disip is such an interesting band name, how did that come about?
G- I could not have come up with such a powerful name. The name dISIP came from above. 

HB- When was “Viktwa” release?
G- Viktwa was released during the summer of 2013.

HB- Why did it take so long to come out?
G- It was not up to me. God has always been my guide. He decides when.

HB- The title “viktwa”, what’s the logic behind this title?
G- It’s the realization of God’s will and plan for dISIP.

HB- Tell me about your new viktwa CD?
G- The CD Viktwa has a positive message for everyone out there regardless of age, gender, social or religious orientation.

HB- Are there any favorite songs off the album? Explain why?
G- As a writer and being the sole producer of the album, it is difficult to have a favorite song because the messages conveyed in each and every song are based on real life’s experiences and way of living.

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  • yves


    03 September 2014 at 08:07 |
    I love the way you talk God is above everything we see that cause before you play you always mentioned God one thing no one can start a jazz not to mention sskasha and taboo you forgot to mention sskasha I am one of your big followers


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