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Dj Cinq Etwal

  • Birthplace: Port au Prince Haiti


Place of Birth:Port au Prince Haiti

Cinq Etwal (born August 4, in Port au Prince Haiti) is of Haitian descent, and is the second youngest of four sibblings (two brothers and two sisters). At a young age childhood insiders say Cinq was known as the child “who dared to be diffrent”. No one knew his strive to be extraordinary would change the direction of an industry that has been the same for decades. Cinq Etwal entered the United States at the age of 14 where he attended Miami Edison Senior High School. He played basketball in grade school, and also was an honor student with a fine academic transcript. Graduating 7th of his entire senior class in 98 Cinq then attended Miami Dade College were he took General Education courses until he could figure out what occupational path he wanted to persue.

Throughout this time Cinq had a regular hourly job and also began to DJ all while he was in school. Cinq was one who was serious about his academics but long work shifts, as well as sleepness nights after club gigs hindered him to perform well in school. He was then forced to make a choice between school or his passion for music and becoming a full-time dj. The decision was critical but being the dare devil that he is Cinq decided to temporarily leave school to focus on a career as a Dj. At that time of his life he did not know that was one of the best decisions he would ever make.

Cinq Etwal Deux started his full time DJ career in 2000 and named himself DJ 5 Etwal. The name 5 Etwal ( english translation Five Star) comes from 5 Star Quality which, in most rating scales, 5 Star Quality is the top rate. The name fit the movement that 5 Etwal was innovating and the empire that he was building. His first DJ mixtape “Addictive” took South Florida by storm. He dropped several DJ mixtapes thereafter that got the same feedback, and buzz filled the streets about this Miami DJ. His unique melo dj styles was surely addictive, it caught the attention thousands of fans and consumers. In no time DJ Cinq Etwal crossed over and become a promoter of club nights in conjuction with others. Those club parties then became the #1 Zouk Night destination in South Florida. This multi-talented Disk Jocky didn’t stop there. Fall of 2009 Dj Cinq Etwal took the ultimate step by forming a new genre in the Haitian Music Industry ( HMI) called “Djazz Dj”. The Djazz Dj concept is a Dj playing playback relooping specific parts of the track all while having live instruments added to the song with unique flava and groove. Cinq went in head first not knowing what to expect, but had faith that this new concept would change the face of the industry. He first branched out and found two musicians a keyboardist ( T-Klod) and guitarist ( Pipo). The band was then formed and named 5 Lan.

After 2 years of forming 5Lan DJ Cinq Etwal wanted to add more fuel to the fire and added a 3rd member in the band a drummer (Jefrid). Now after hundreds of gigs thousands of fans and over 2 million plays on music plateform Sound Cloud 5 Lan has become one of the Hottest up and coming artist in the Haitian Music Industry. DJ Cinq Etwal has now formed another major component to his path to success Belizaire Music Group established summer of 2013. BMG ( Belizaire Music Group) is now the company that manages, direct and represent 5 Lan, and DJ Cinq Etwal. Inspiring change through the art of creativity is part of Dj Cinq Etwals success. The other half came from him taking risks, ceasing opportunities, and his determination to look different sound different and be different.

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