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Dat7 Eddy Viau

  • Birthday: 04. June 1984
  • Birthplace: Miami, Florida


Commonly known by his artist name “Ti Eddy” Eddy Viau, was born on June 5th 1984, in Miami, Florida. Raised in a family full of musicians; he credits his musical upbringing as the most probable cause for discovering his love for the art. Eddy, the grandson of legendary trumpeter, Hector Lominy; experienced a successful music career so far as a percussionist, carrying the tradition; talent runs in the family. His grandfather Lominy was once a performing artist of Super Ensamble de Nemour Jean Baptiste back in the 1960s. The Ensamble founder Nemour Jean Baptiste is also the creator of the very popular Haitian music genre, Compas Direct. Lominy gained more notoriety as the director of the acclaimed Philharmonic Orchestra of St. Trinity School in Haiti.

Like most offspring of foreign decent born and raised in the United States; one would think Eddy would gravitate more toward modern popular music. For Eddy, that wasn’t the case, he always showed a preference for “Compas Direct” the music his parents grew up on. Eddy’s father and uncle owned a popular record store in Miami which he spent a substantial amount of time during his formative years. The record store had a large archive of Compas Direct music. There his interest in music began to blossom, so it’s natural that he would pursue a career in Compas music. As his love and passion grew, Eddy started dapping into the Haitian Music Industry during his high school years.

After completing high school he attended Broward Community College for Business Administration and soon after made his debut in the HMI with the band, Hangout as a percussionist. He played alongside legendary guitarist Ernst “Ti Ness” Vincent; lead singers, Pipo Stanis, Georgy Mettelus and a few other well known artists in the industry. The band’s future looked extremely bright when they premiered in 2004 until their manager, Haitian music producer Romel Barlatier died in June of 2004 just months after the band made its debut. The band vowed to keep the vision alive and stayed together.

Eddy remained a member in the band for three years and he participated on two of the band’s albums before the group disbanding.

Eddy was soon approached by brothers Roberto and Reynold Martino, sons of the legendary guitarist, Robert Martino to join them in their band T-Vice. Eddy became the band’s percussionist and spent seven year playing with the band. During his tenure with T-Vice; Eddy played on three of the band’s albums and got to share the stage with numerous of his favorite legendary artists.

Eddy’s musical influences include the likes of Jimmy Jacques (DP Express) Roro Irene (Nu Look) and Alex Thebaud (CaRiMi)

Currently, Eddy is the member of the upcoming septuplet band, Dat7 with former band mates Ricot “Ti Tanbou” Azaman and Oliver Duret. The band is set to release their debut album and music video in March of 2015 followed their grand première party.

Fun Facts: Favorite foods: Lasagna, Malimoulan Avacado, Chicken Wings.
Favorite quotes: Sometimes good thing fall apart so better things can come together”
Hobbies: music, movies and basketball.
Favorite songs: Cobay, Tabou Combo- Aux Antilles, Sysyem Band- Dom Laj, Phantoms – Mon Conpe

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