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Coupe Cloue

  • Birthplace: Haiti


Jean Gesner Henry, nicknamed Coupe Nailed, was a Haitian soccer player and musician, born May 10, 1925 in Leogane in Haiti and died January 29, 1998. 

Gesner Henry was known as the Coupe Nailed, a nickname he acquired as a result of his playing football as a defender at the club Black Eagle AC, great football club of Port-au-Prince. 

He began his musical career as a guitarist in Port-au-Prince in 1951, when influenced by Cuban music. 

In 1957, he formed the Crystal Trio which was renamed Trio Select. They will play their own version of twoubadou music in clubs and festivals in Port-au-Prince. Twoubadou is a style of music based on the sounds brought to Haiti by Haitian cane cutters who worked sugar Cuba. The first group of Coupe, Trio Select, playing a mixture of jazz, folk and Haitian merengue rhythms, and helped popularize the use of the guitar in Haiti in the 1950s and 1960s Trio Select consisted of himself Coupe Similarly, a second guitarist and a maracas player. A more common name for maracas Haiti is "Tcha Tcha-'. 

The group gave performances in small parties, and finally, in 1960, he released his first album, Trio Select, which had a rhythmic pattern akin to kompa but has attracted the Cuban rhythm. 

The great popularity of Coupe Nailed to the Haitian public holding the quality of his lyrics, full of common jargon, and jokes with double meanings. As the group grew in the 1970s, he changed his name in Ensemble Trio Select Select Nailed Coupe. 

During his first visit to Africa in 1975, Coupé Nailed discovered in the Republic of Congo that local soukous had a similarity to his own group. At this moment Coupe Nailed was awarded the title of King Coupe Nailed by local fanatics. 

Nailed cut has produced over thirty albums for several productions houses Haitian aware of his thirty years as a performer. Homogeneity and productivity achievements in a country where music was witnessed radical changes; with the arrival of groups of small jazz influenced by the rock in the late 1960s, large sections of the final horn 70s, and synthesizer and electronic revolution of the 1980s More recently, kompa has been developed challenge in Haiti by the roots styles and movement of the "new generation." Meanwhile, Coupé Nailed and his group have continued to do what they did best: producing music lyrically clever and enjoyable dance. 

While many artists left Haiti for the relative safety of Haitian communities in the United States and Canada, Coupé Nailed stayed home. In the mid-90s, he was diagnosed with diabetes. He gave his last show in December 1997 and died a month later, January 29, 1998.

  • 1970 : Plein calle
  • 1971 : Haïti vol.2
  • 1972 : Gro banbou
  • 1973 : Cribiche
  • 1975 : Map di
  • 1977 : Preacher
  • 1978 : L’Essentiel
  • 1979 : World of
  • 1980 : Back to roots
  • 1981 : Abseloutment
  • 1981 : Couci-couça
  • 1982 : En dedans
  • 1983 : 25th anniversaire
  • 1983 : Antan’n pou antan’n nou
  • 1983 : Ca fe map peye
  • 1984 : 5 Continents
  • 1985 : Mme Marcel
  • 1986 : Malingio
  • 1987 : Bel mariage
  • 1988 : Racines
  • 1989 : Coupe cloue-bèl mè
  • 1991 : Full tank
  • 1992 : Femme ce poto fe
  • 1993 : Ti tete la
  • 1997 : 40th anniversary

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