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Brutus Derissaint from Zenglen

  • Birthplace: Haiti


Jean Brutus Derissaint is one among the trio who founded the well acclaimed Zenglen Band. Jean Brutus Derissaint has the outmost care for the welfare of the group. This is evident when he did not just play the rhythm guitar but as well as managed the band from the very beginning up to the present time. In fact, among his original co-band members namely Gary Didier Perez and Patrick Martineau, he was the only one left in the Zenglen today. Jean Brutus Derissaint is the epitome of loyalty. In times of much need break for the band, he never left the Zenleng but continue to become its loyal members even if new found members have arrived to replace the ones who left. He is also the epitome of greatness because he had contributed a lot more than anyone in the group to the success of the Zenglen. In fact, he is the longest member of the Zenglen Band and spent more than half of his life in making Zenglen the best Kompa Group in the history of Haitian Music Industry. Lastly, he was the reason why Zenglen can still celebrate its 20 years anniversary in the music business. If it not for Jean Brutus Derissaint the Zenglen would have been forgotten since other members had already left the band, Haitian Music.

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