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Arly Larivierre

  • Birthplace: Cap-Haitien Haiti


Arly Larivierre, born in Cap-Haitien Haiti, is a Haitian singer-songwriter, musician, record producer and leader of the konpa band “Nu Look”. Arly Larivierre’s father Daniel Larivierre was the lead singer and composer for the great Haitian band Tropicana D’Haiti. Arly is the 2nd oldest of 5 children, three boys and 2 girls. He grew up listening to his father sing in Tropicana. At a young age, he and other friends formed Lakol D’Haiti, which was a very successful young band in Cap-Haitien.

He later migrated to the US, where he resides in Florida and was briefly part of the group D-zine in the late 90′s. In 2000, he joined forces with Gazzman Pierre and formed the band “Nu Look” which became one of the greatest duo in the HMI history books. Nu Look has become a reference in the Haitian music industry. During the last 13 years of Nu Look’s existence, under the leadership of Arly Lariviere as their Maestro and main composer, Nu look has successfully enlisted themselves in the hearts and soul of most konpa lovers, with mega hit songs, such as “Loving You”, “Why Do You Say You Love Me”, and “Notre Histoire” “Wasn’t meant to be” “A qui la faute” among others. Arly Larivierre has grown to be one of the most prolific Haitian composer of this generation.

With the sudden departures of Nu Look’s last two lead vocalists, Gazzman Pierre and Pipo Edersse Stanis, Arly is about to undertake one of the biggest challenge of his musical career; being the sole lead singer since the formation of Nu Look, over 13 years ago. The “iGotThis” album is about to be released in less than 24 hours, Arly Larivierre, sat with HB to discuss his upcoming album “iGotThis” and what it means to him.

HB- I see you are getting ready for the release of your new album “iGot This”, what can you tell us about it and how is it different for your last album “Confirmation”. 
AL- The major difference for this album is that I am singing all the songs. This is the first time that the fans will have an opportunity to hear me sing up tempo songs as well as the love songs. This album also has 5 love songs instead of the usual 3 that have been done in past albums. The other differences will be heard once the fans have a chance to listen to the new album and witness it for themselves. 

HB- Tell me what impacted your decision to become the only singer of Nu Look? 
AL- I’m happy you asked me this question. First I wanted to clear any confusion about the title of the album “iGot This” because many people see the statement “I am Arly Lariviere” “iGot This” and that wasn’t the idea. Rather it’s a statement showing that I am taking on the responsibility of Nu Look to ensure that the band is here for years to come. It’s like if you’re somewhere or in a situation where there is a lot of mayhem and dysfunction, and someone says don’t worry “I’ll fix it”, “iGot This”. I’m letting everyone know, that there has been many problems in the past with the band and that I’m taking on the responsibility of stabilizing Nu Look, so we can get back to doing what we do best, making amazing music to please our fans. The decision to become the only singer of Nu Look wasn’t an easy one. I have gotten a lot of advice from fellow lead singers in the industry that I have very good relationships with, and they broke it down for me very simply. They pretty much made me see that if I didn’t take on the role as lead singer, Nu Look would continue to have these problems. They went on to explain, that it’s one thing for there to be a lead singer in front of Nu Look and me on the side playing the keyboard, but it turns into a completely different situation every time I start singing “Oh Papa Bondieu” or “Si Se Yon Mal” and the crowd goes crazy with their arms wide open, while the lead singer of the band, is just left there feeling out of place or neglected. They will always have a problem with that and it’s okay for them to feel that way because at the end of the day, they are human. We all are. This made perfect sense to me and I knew that being the lead singer was the route that I had to take. I could have taken the route of just doing “Arly and Friends” because this formula has been working for me, and it would have been an easier transition. However, Nu Look has too many fans that would be disappointed if the band was no longer around. My goal is to please the fans. So I decided that I have to put “Arly and Friends” to the side and focus on the Nu Look the band. The band also has several musicians that have been with the band for over 6 years. I thought that it would be very selfish of me to just go into a solo career and I couldn’t see myself leaving these guys. With this in mind, I rather take on saving Nu Look instead of taking on “Arly and Friends” the solo project.

HB- What has been your favorite venue to play?
AL- To me, the venue that I play at is not important. The most important thing is how the fans react to the event. As long as they are happy and have a good time, I am happy playing anywhere they are.

HB- How would you describe your personal style?
AL- If we are looking at the music that I have sang in the past you would say love songs. But the music I write in general is made to touch on real-life experiences that people go through every day, whether it be between friends, or lovers, or business. It’s about the world that we live in today.

HB- If your life was comparable to any of your love songs, which song would it be?
AL- All of them!!! ha ha ha ha!!! 

HB- What is the biggest misconception people have about Arly Lariviere?
AL- That I’m not a people person or that I don’t appreciate people around me. I’m a very easy going person. Sometimes people take my timid ways and turn it into something it’s really not. I appreciate everyone on my team and my fans. 

HB- Any last word?
AL- I know the fans will enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed making it. The album will be available tonight at 11:59 PM on iTunes, make sure you get it. Nu Look is still here!!! “iGotThis”.

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