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"The police never said it will not execute a court order," said the Director General of the National Police.

"The police are the arm of justice; without this arm, justice can do nothing "is the head of the national police, Orelus Godson, who said in an interview Monday several topical issues, including the recall of officers the USGPN who provided security to former President Aristide and the bench warrant which is the subject thereof. 

"The police never said it will not execute a court order," said the Director General of the National Police. On the recent invitation of the judge instructor Lamarre Belizaire on non-execution of the warrant issued against former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Godson Orélus stated that "the police can not stand in front of justice. "

On this record, he said, there were things that the judge Lamarre Belizaire had not understood. "I was talking to him on the progress of several issues, it was not only the record of President Aristide," he has said, not wanting to give more details on this meeting with the judge Belizaire . 

Why recalling the officers who provided security USGPN Aristide? 

When officers USGPN who provided security to former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide have been recalled, Godson Orélus was not home. He has stressed Nouvelliste. However, since the USGPN is a specialized unit of the national police, the head of the HNP, cautious on record, wants to talk first with his peers in the hierarchy of the police force before speaking. "I know I will have meetings Tuesday with the various officials involved on the file ..." Has he said. 

But where were you DG?

"I was in Managua, Nicaragua, where I was to participate in the 20th Annual Meeting of Chiefs of Police of Central America, Caribbean, Mexico and Colombia. Then, I was participating in the 35th anniversary of the Nicaraguan police, "said Godson Orélus, who left the country last Tuesday. He was decorated by the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega 

The head of the HNP denounced rumors suggesting he had left the country with his family for not performing the bench warrant issued by Judge Lamarre Belizaire against former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. According to him, it is serious to circulate such rumors on the head of the National Police which is responsible for the security of an entire country. "It is a form of destabilization and you know that the issue of security is so important for us, especially after the escape at the prison in Croix-des-Bouquets," said he criticized, saying, laughing and ironically that these rumors were her birthday gift since celebrating his birthday on September 10. 

More than 80 of the escapees were captured, he was informed the newspaper while renewing the will and determination of the Haitian National Police to continue to hunt down the bandits until their last stronghold. "Escape we captured kidnappers are great," said he said with satisfaction. The head of the national police also welcomed to have significantly reduced the rate of kidnapping in the country. "In only forty-eight hours all those who try to kidnap someone will be caught by the police," he said with authority. 

Godson Orelus asked to leave the political PNH do its job. "People need security and our primary mission is to secure the population, allow anyone to conduct its business in peace, hunt down bandits, send them to jail, dismantle gangs ..." a- he listed. 

A successful re-entry of classes for PNH 

"We made a good start of school this year. Not only vehicular traffic, the police are helping children to cross the street ... "Godson Orelus congratulated and thanked his troops in the streets that allowed students to head back to school in peace. The head of the HNP promises to increase the presence of the police, noting that law enforcement deviated from attempts to disrupt the start of school. 

In early October, the police presence will be strengthened in the streets, especially in the metropolitan area, has he promised. There will be lots of patrols with new vehicles that the Prime Minister will make available to the police, he said. 

Petit Goave, the case is sensitive, but the HNP promises to restore calm 

With the involvement of political tension in the situation that exists in Petit Goave for several weeks, police work on the ground gets tricky and difficult. It's not Godson Orelus who say otherwise. He says: "This is an issue that has a sensitivity, we are forced to deal with a lot of professionalism to get better results," he said. 

He promised the people to restore calm in the shortest possible time. According to the report of an investigation of the National Network for the Defence of Human Rights (RNDDH), "August 15, 2014, at a dance held at Club Lambi Night Petit Goave by a contractor in the area, a lively discussion erupted around a question about booking for official, part of the room where the performer was musical group Nu Look. Security officers of MP Jacques Thimoleon Stevenson and MP Jean Rene Lochard and several officials present at Night Club beat agent PNH whose RNDDH guard to name, and dispossessed of his gun and his identification badge due to the fact that he was in the space reserved for the officials. "

After this incident, the town of Petit Goave was going to live and still lives a series of acts of violence where people make the streets to demand the dismissal of the mayor. 

In closing the interview, the police chief urged people not to make any case rumors about the police could create panic in the country.


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