What We Can Learn From Watching The Rutshelle Rendez-Vous Au Sommet Music Video

What time is it? It’s time for me to sit down and watch a music video by a Haitian artist. Today’s treat: Haiti-based singer Rutshelle Rendez-Vous Au Sommet.
Rutshelle Rendezvous au Sommet music video Haiti

The music video, directed by Abdias Laguerre and edited by Oriol Variela, opens up with a shot of the songstress crouched on the tip of a valley. Slowly, she rises, and at first it’s unclear if we’re viewing her face or something else. She’s looking ahead. Her face is neither joyful, nor particularly sad. She’s staring wide into the horizons…what is she seeing exactly? Not the past, not exactly the future…but what’s in front of her right now. The expression on her face makes you feel like she’s blocked all distractions, she’s deaf to everything within her hearing.
Rutshelle Rendevous au Sommet music video

The singer Rutshelle is dressed like a warrior. But she’s not going to take part in some physical war. She looks too glamorous for that…with her beaded forehead jewelry, her long velvety black dress with the tufted sleeves, and dangling earrings. Her lips are pursed up in dark burgundy red.
Lesson: Some of the biggest battles in this life aren’t fought with swords, machetes, Magnums, or weapons of mass destruction. They can be fought with smiles, with a firm head, and a indomitable spirit.

Arrows seem to be flying everywhere, hurled by hands unseen. On each arrow, there’s a vituperative word. Each more insulting, revolting, demeaning than the last one.

Lesson: People can place labels on you. You can try to brush them off, and they’ll still persist. They can throw discouragement your way. What matters is that you stay focused. Duck past the labels people try to impose on you. They can define you only if you let them.

In the next shot, the singer bounces down a desolate road with skimpy shorts, long, thick braids. She’s jaunty, radiant, and carefree.

Rutshelle Rendevous au Sommet

A smile decorates her face.

Wearing a skintight romper, she bounces through valleys and peaks. These valleys and peaks are undoubtedly the ups and downs thrown her way, and in our way as women. But she rummages through them effortlessly.

Lesson: A subtle piece of advice to all of us perhaps? You’re walking, you do your best not to dip your feet in quicksand, but even in daylight you may not always control where your steps land. The essential thing to do is to give your best strides, to thread lightly—but firmly.

Then the singer reaches the peak of the valley. She’s dancing…she’s bouncing…she’s joined by several other women who help her celebrate her feat.

Rutshelle Rendez-Vous Au Sommet

Lesson: Your victory is not too far behind. Yes, not too far behind. You can either let others bring you down or you can make the choice to uplift yourself. If you focus on the victory, all the thorns you meet on the way won’t matter.

You can watch the video below…

This has been another music video watching episode from your favorite chick Kreyolicious. Until next time.

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