Charles Henri Baker was born June 3, 1955 in Port-au-Prince. He graduated in business administration at St. Leo College in Florida. Charles Henri Baker was assistant of the agricultural section of the company Management Comme Il Faut (1981). Then he fulfilled the role of the Manager ASA company (1988). He founded the company CMJ International (USA, 1991), Industrial, owner since 1999 of the company PB Apparel clothing (Haiti), (2003-2004). 

Hanri Charles Baker was also vice president of the Association of Industries of Haiti (ADIH). In 2003 he was member of the Management Group 184, flagship of the opposition to Aristide. Candidate for President in 2006 where he finished in 3rd place, this industrial founded in 2007 RESPE Party (Regwoupman sitwayen louse Espwa - RESPE) in which he argues again. 

The order, discipline and hard work are the strong points of his political vision. Reform of state institutions, promoting domestic production, education, human development and social cohesion, redevelopment planning and decentralization, among others are the main lines of its political program.