Fred Michel Brutus

Fred Michel Brutus, candidate for president under the banner of the Federalist Party, recently said he wanted to run the country to put the State at the service of country and create a strategist and intelligent State.

To out the country of poverty he undertakes, if elected, to work for the benefit of domestic production, promises the creation of a Agricultural Credit Bank, the establishment of a technical structure in order to support farmers.

  1. The candidate also intends control abusive Dominican Republic imports of consumer goods, which have an impact on local production and also on the health of Haitian citizens, because of their quality. He advocates decentralization for a quest for territorial equity
  2. At the social level he rely on a reformulation of social policy.
  3. He alo indends in his five-year rebuild the National Palace from national funds. He promises concerning public works the construction of more vocational schools.
  4. According to Michel Fred Brutus, by the prestige and confidence that he will be able to generate when he will be at the power, foreigners will have more confidence to invest in Haiti. He advocates the establishment of a healthy economic environment, and promises to fight: against corruption, drug trafficking and impunity in all its forms. He also promises economic measures for the most vulnerable social categories.
  5. He says that if elected, he will surround with honest people, and if they become corrupt they would be punished to the full extent of the law.
  6. Concerning security, he expressed support for the remobilization of the Armed Forces of Haiti, a professional army, hinting that his staff is already constituted... He promotes the safety and protection of the territory and the fight against terrorism and violence in all its forms.
  7. At the level of justice he advocates a reform of Justice, the establishment of the procedure of "habeas corpus" and the definition of judicial actors.
  8. For the environment, he plans to lead a fight against deforestation and the implementation of new environmental policies.
  9. At the level of international politics, it aims a pro-active diplomacy, modest and solemn, the redefinition of relations with the Dominican Republic and management of the new international order.

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