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Last Night: Watch Mikaben As New Carimi Frontman

Carimi Mikaben
A collage of singer-songwriter Mikaben as the new frontman for the band Carimi at Rutgers University last night. The show was a production of HARU, the Haitian Association at Rutgers University, which was celebrating two decades of existence.

The website HaitianBeatz captured the videos below of the singer taking over the stage. He looks confident, like someone who’s fully aware that he’s got humongous shoes to fill, but who has made up his mind that he will fill them, but plans on also bringing his own pair too, when the time calls for it.

According to those present, the opening song was “Fanm Move”, a song Mikaben wrote for the band. It was rather appropriate, as his vocals are on the non-live version. It’s a crowd-pleaser, and looking into the crowd, the majority of the band’s fans are females…fanm moves.

There seems to be a lot of chemistry between Mr. Ben and the other Carimi boys. From the cardigan outfits to the stage connection…to the music. This whole Mikaben-Carimi collaboration will be an interesting thing for Haitian music fans to watch. I wonder if this is something that has occurred before in the genre…where a lead singer has to take a break, and another singer steps in. Wishing there was a Haitian music encyclopedia to look things up sometimes…

Meanwhile…wishing the other singer well as he prepares his return.

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